Review: The Witch of Belladonna Bay by Suzanne Palmieri

The Witch of Belladonna Bay by Suzanne Palmieri
Published: May 13, 2014
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Format: via NetGalley
Rating: 4/5
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It’s the trouble you aren’t expecting that gets you. And it’s all around you, Bronwyn; it’s all around you like the air.…
Bronwyn "BitsyWyn" Whalen hasn’t set eyes on the red dirt of Magnolia Creek, Alabama, for fourteen years—not since her mama died. But with her brother, Patrick, imprisoned for the murder of her childhood best friend, and her eccentric father, Jackson, at his wits’ end while her eleven-year-old niece, Byrd, runs wild, Bronwyn finds herself once again surrounded by ancient magnolia trees and the troubled family she left behind. She becomes immersed in a whirlwind of mystery and magic as she tries to figure out what really happened that fateful night her friend died. And as her bond with Byrd deepens, Bronwyn must face the demons of her past in order to unravel her family’s uncertain future. In Suzanne Palmieri's thrilling new novel, The Witch of Belladonna Bay, readers will learn if love and magic are enough to bring a broken family back together.

My Thoughts
I’ve always been that type of person who believes that there is something more out there. By that I mean I never doubt the unknown. Sometimes there are things that can’t be explained and just are. This is why I really enjoyed The Witch of Belladonna Bay; it has love, family, mysteries and magic. Yes I said magic and by that it’s really just that whole aura of something else out there, however it’s not that spooky kind of scary but more mysterious.
It’s the story of Bronwyn and her return to her hometown to deal with the aftermath of her brothers’ arrest for killing her best friend. She hasn’t been home since her mother died and has never met her niece. She has this ability that she got from her mom and she doesn’t like it. She ran away after her mom died of basically an overdose and her dad isn’t any better since he’s an alcoholic.

She came back home to find the real reason and person who killed her old friend. There are a couple of people who could’ve done it. There’s her brother who was seeing her friend, Bronwyn’s ex who is her friends step brother and even her niece Byrd. Byrd is one of my favorite characters in this story. She has an ire of mystery to her; she has this magic as all the females in the family seen to have but her abilities seem to run the strongest. She sees things and can talk to dead people. While people in the small town love her they are also scared of her.

Wyn’s homecoming also has her having to deal with ghost of her mother. They never had the greatest of relationships. Wyn felt her mom loved her addiction more than her and her brother while her mom knows that she let the drugs take over her life. Her mother can’t rest until she tries to make up for her mistakes.
What I really enjoyed was the whole who done it. I love a good mystery, and this one has layers upon layers. Just when you think you figured something out, something surprises you. I LOVE IT!

Although this was a bit unconventional of a read for me it’s one I’m so glad I read. It’s a beautiful story and I love the whole family aspect of it. Nothing is more important than family rather good or bad they are the core of who we are. To mend the fractured pieces could be the start of a beautiful thing. This is one book that casts a wonderful spell of a tale that I know you will enjoy.

          About the author
Suzanne Palmieri Hayes is the author of The Witch of Little Italy and The Witch of Belladonna Bay. She is also the co-author of I’ll Be Seeing You under the name Suzanne Hayes. She lives by the ocean with her husband and three darling witches. She is currently hard at work on her next novel. 
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