Release Day Blitz: Hometown Cowboy by Sara Richardson


Today we are celebrating the release of HOMETOWN COWBOY by Sara Richardson. This is the first book in her brand new series, Rocky Mountain Riders. You can buy it now and pre-order the next book in the series, Comeback Cowboy!




Jessa Mae Love is done with relationships. No matter how tempting he might be, she cannot--will not--fall for a man like Lance Cortez. The outrageously handsome cowboy is practically a living legend in Colorado, as famous for riding bulls as he is for breaking hearts. What would a big-time rodeo star like him see in a small-town veterinarian who wears glasses, rescues animals, and cries when watching rom-coms? Turns out, plenty.

Raising bulls, riding the circuit, and looking after his ailing father--Lance never stands still for long. Yet Jessa catches his attention, and the more she tries to resist him, the more he wants her. When she agrees to move to the ranch to keep an eye on Lance's dad, Jessa tells him they have to keep it professional: no flirting, no sweet talk, and definitely no kissing. But with Jessa now living under his roof, that's easier said than done . . .



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What reviewers are saying about Sara Richardson's novels...

"Charming, witty, and fun. There's no better read. I enjoyed every word!"―Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author on No Better Man

"Richardson's debut packs a powerful emotional punch. [Her] deft characterization creates a hero and heroine who will elicit laughs in some places and tears in others."―Publishers Weekly on No Better Man

"4 stars! Hot! Richardson brings us a modern read set in beautiful Aspen. Her brisk storytelling and the charming, endearing characters set within a solid, engaging plot make this sweet romance shine. A strong and vulnerable Bryce, coupled with a determined, lighthearted Avery, will appeal to readers, especially with their sizzling chemistry. This is a truly delightful read."―RT Book Reviews on No Better Man

"Fresh, fun, well-written, a dazzling debut."―Lori Wilde, New York Times bestselling author on No Better Man

"The perfect balance of humor, heart and heat. I couldn't put it down! Sara Richardson will sweep you away."―Christie Craig, New York Times bestselling author on No Better Man

"An enjoyable read. Richardson's spunky, baseball-lovin' heroine is delightful!"―Katie Lane, USA Today bestselling author on No Better Man


Hometown Cowboy - Excerpt

Her eyes fell shut and blocked out everything except for the feel of his mouth, the curve of it, the wet warmth, the way his lips melted into hers. They were firm, but tender, too, so skilled and wonderful it broke open her chest.
Heat flowed in until she was dizzy with it, drowning in it, but just as she lost the power to stand on her own, Lance’s hands moved to her hips and hitched her closer to his body. She let herself lean into him, sliding her hands up his ripped chest, lightly sweeping her fingers over the bandage. God, he was perfection.
His lips moved to her ear, while his fingers carefully brushed her hair out of the way. “I think you’re right,” he breathed. “My life might never be the same.” His tongue traced the ridge of her ear while his heavy breaths grazed her neck and made her legs falter.
He must’ve felt her wobble, because he wrapped his arms around her and crushed her body against his. “Damn, Jessa…” He kissed his way down her neck. “You smell good.”
“Vanilla sugar shower gel,” she gasped, letting her head tilt to the side.
“Mmmm. I like it.” He slid his tongue back up her neck and his lips found hers again. This time he kissed her harder, like he wanted more.
Yes. More. There could be so much more…
Lance shifted, guiding her until her back was against the refrigerator. Things were falling, magnets and papers, but none of that mattered because Lance was pressed against her, his tongue stroking hers, his hips grinding against her body. The feel of him hard and desperate against her sent her heart spiraling. A frantic moan escaped, and Lance smiled against her lips. She let her head fall back so she could draw in a breath, but she hit the refrigerator.
A loud crash froze her. Lance pulled away. Those bottles of Jack Daniel’s that had been on top of the fridge now lay next to their feet.
“At least they didn’t break.” Lance started to laugh but she pressed her hand against his mouth. “It’s not funny! What if your dad—”
“What in god’s name is that racket?” came from down the hall.
“Oh no,” she hissed. “Oh god…”
Lance still had a big silly grin on his face. “It’s nothing, Dad,” he called, but the man came charging around the corner anyway.
Jessa pushed back and pretended to inspect the bandage. “Well, there we go. Everything looks good.” She glanced up and forced a smile, but she’d like to bet he could see the vein in her forehead pulsing. “Hey, Luis. Sorry about the noise. I was bandaging Lance up and we accidentally knocked over the bottles.” Her bright red face had to be a dead giveaway that the whole sentence was a lie. Not to mention her dilated eyes.
“Uh. Thanks, Jessa,” Lance said, reaching past her for his shirt.
“No problem,” she intoned, as if answering a complete stranger. “Next time, don’t wait so long to get it cleaned up.”
A spark smiled in his eyes. “I definitely won’t.”
Whew. She fought the compulsion to fan her face with a towel.
“Guess I should get going then.” Lance clapped his dad’s shoulder on his way out the door. “Night Pops.”
Luis didn’t respond. He simply watched his son leave, then he turned to Jessa. “So nothing’s going on between you two.”
She invoked her laser focus to put away the first aid supplies. “Uh-huh. Nope. Nothing.”
“From what I could tell that was a whole lot of nothing,” Luis muttered as he plodded back down the hall.
That was one way to put it. A whole lot of nothing.


Comeback Cowboy - Coming June 27th, 2017!


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Headshot_Sara Richardson
Sara Richardson grew up chasing adventure in Colorado’s rugged mountains. She’s climbed to the top of a 14,000-foot peak at midnight, swam through Class IV rapids, completed her wilderness first-aid certification, and spent seven days at a time tromping through the wilderness with a thirty-pound backpack strapped to her shoulders. Eventually, Sara did the responsible thing and got an education in writing and journalism. After five years in the corporate writing world, she stopped ignoring the voices in her head and started writing fiction. Now, she uses her experience as a mountain adventure guide to write stories that incorporate adventure with romance. Still indulging her adventurous spirit, Sara lives and plays in Colorado with her saint of a husband and two young sons. Her first contemporary romance, No Better Man, was released by Grand Central forever 2015.    
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Spotlight: The Orphan's Tale by Pam Jenoff

The Orphan’s Tale

a novel

Pam Jenoff


“I read this novel in a headlong rush, transported by the relationship between two vastly different women during World War II: a Jewish circus aerialist and a teenage runaway with a baby. Deftly juggling secrets, lies, treachery, and passion, Pam Jenoff vividly brings to life the agonizing choices and life-or-death consequences for a hardy band of travelers under Nazi occupation.”
—Christina Baker Kline, New York Times bestselling author of Orphan Train.

In prose that is beautiful, ethereal, and poignant, The Orphan’s Tale is novel you won’t be able to put down.”

“Readers who enjoyed Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale and Sara Gruen’s Water for Elephants will embrace this novel.”
Library Journal

The Orphan's Tale is a compelling and beautifully told story about the power of female friendship, with all its complications.”

“A gripping story about the power of friendship to save and redeem even in the darkest of circumstances, The Orphan’s Tale sheds light on one of the most colorful and inspiring stories of heroism in Nazi Germany.  This is a book not to be missed.”  
—Melanie Benjamin, New York Times bestselling author of The Swans of Fifth Avenue and The Aviator’s Wife

THE ORPHAN’S TALE the powerful new novel from international bestselling writer Pam Jenoff, blends two little known aspects of the human drama that was the Second World War into a heartrending story of friendship and survival. Set amid the unconventional world of a traveling circus, the novel brings together two women—both refugees from their own pasts and each attempting to live under the radar during the Nazi incursion. Forming an at-first tentative bond, the two resilient women learn to trust and rely on each other even as the threat of exposure closes in.
Noa, a sixteen-year-old Dutch girl, is banished from her home when her father discovers she has become pregnant by a German soldier. With nowhere else to turn, she enters the Nazi-run Lebensborn program, accepting care and shelter in exchange for the promise that she will give up her Aryan baby for adoption by a worthy German family. But, surrendering the baby proves devastating for Noa, and afterwards she lives in quiet desperation as she ekes out a living as a cleaner at a railway station. One day, in a railcar, she discovers dozens of Jewish infants who have been rent from their mothers, bound for certain death. On impulse, she steals one of the babies and flees.
After spending a near-fatal night in the freezing forest, Noa and the baby are discovered by the denizens of a circus and given sanctuary. In order to stay with the troupe without rousing the suspicion of the local Nazi authorities, Noa must be given a part to play in the show, and it is decided she will fill a vacant aerialist’s place. She is put in the charge of Astrid, the star trapeze artist, who at first has nothing but disdain for this amateur. Still, she is surprised by Noa’s determination and innate talent, and Astrid has sympathy for the girl’s plight because of her own circumstances. The daughter of a rival circus family, Astrid is Jewish and alone in the world. Once married to a German officer, she has been disowned by her husband and, like Noa, has found welcome refuge in the sheltered, nonjudgmental world of the circus.
As the circus moves across Europe, out of Germany and into occupied France, Noa hopes that she can find the means of escape to save the baby, whom she has named Theo. Yet, in this turbulent time of mistrust and betrayal, no one can be assured of safety, and the secret pasts both women shield return to haunt them and threaten their safety. Loyalty and friendship may not prove enough to save them.
“A gripping story about the power of friendship to save and redeem even in the darkest of circumstances,” says Melanie Benjamin, New York Times bestselling author of The Swans of Fifth Avenue and The Aviator's Wife. “Jenoff expertly performs a pirouetting tale worthy of a standing ovation,” adds Sarah McCoy, New York Times bestselling author of The Mapmaker's Children.

R:\New York PR\Fiction PR\Heather Gudenkauf\Little Mercies\Images\HG Author Photo - photo credit Morgan Hawthorne.jpgPam Jenoff is the author of The Kommandant's Girl, which was an international bestseller and nominated for a Quill award, as well as seven other novels. She holds a bachelor’s degree in international affairs from George Washington University and a master’s degree in history from Cambridge, and she received her Juris Doctor from the University of Pennsylvania. Jenoff’s novels are based on her experiences working at the Pentagon and also as a diplomat for the State Department handling Holocaust issues in Poland. She lives outside Philadelphia with her husband and three children where, in addition to writing, she teaches law school.

By Pam Jenoff
Imprint: MIRA Books
Price: $15.99
Publication date: February 21, 2017
ISBN: 978-0-7783-1981-8
eBook ISBN: 978-1-460-39642-1
Pages: 368


"A beautiful and heart wrenching novel that weaves the story of two women's fight for survival against incredible odds, The Orphan’s Tale gripped me from the first page.  Jenoff mesmerizes with her ability to weave in historical detail with a story that explores love, friendship, and the endurance of the human spirit.  A marvelous and satisfying read!"
–Alyson Richman, bestselling author of The Lost Wife

"Jenoff expertly performs a pirouetting tale worthy of standing ovation. A circus of hidden Jews, a powerful friendship, The Orphan's Tale proves that the human spirit defies hate, fear, and gravity with a triumphant Ta-da!" 
Sarah McCoy, New York Times bestselling author of The Mapmaker's Children

The Orphan's Tale begins with the most riveting first chapter I've ever read. With deftness and emotion, Jenoff sets in motion a compelling story of friendship and courage during the Second World War.”
—Charles Belfoure, author of The Paris Architect and House of Thieves

“The Orphan’s Tale is a wonderfully compelling story set in Europe under the Nazis, and with a beautiful, complicated friendship between two women at its heart. The story grips from the very first page, and the characters are utterly believable – flawed, yet capable of great generosity and courage, so the darkness of the setting is pierced by shafts of light. And the atmosphere of the circus is entrancing - so vividly evoked that you can smell the animals and feel all the terror and thrill of the flying trapeze.”

—Margaret Leroy, author of The Soldier’s Wife


What is your new novel, The Orphan’s Tale, about?
Noa, a young Dutch girl, has been kicked out by her parents after becoming pregnant by a German soldier. She lives above a rail station, which she cleans to earn her keep.  One day she finds the unthinkable:  a boxcar full of infants, ripped from their parents arms too young to know their own names.  In a moment of fateful impulse, she snatches one of the infants and flees into the snowy night.  She finds shelter with a German circus, where she must learn the trapeze act to earn her keep.  The woman who teaches her to be an aerialist is herself a Jew in hiding and the two women must see if they can save each other – or if their secrets will destroy them both.

Is the novel based on a true story?
The novel, though fictitious, was inspired by two real events:  first, the little-known account of the rescuer’s circus, an actual German circus that hid Jews, including rival performers from another circus.  Second, the train of unknown infants was drawn from an actual, horrific event during the war.  There are also elements of the book that were drawn from real life.  For example, the instance of a German military officer being ordered to divorce his Jewish wife was true.  Also, a real-life romance between a Jewish woman in hiding and a circus clown provided the idea for Astrid and Peter’s relationship in the book.  Finally, while researching I was amazed to find a rich history of Jewish circus dynasties in Europe, which also helped me develop the story.

How did you first discover the seeds for the novel—the real-life stories of circus performers during the war and story of the train car full of infants?
I found these remarkable stories in the Yad Vashem virtual archives which document the Righteous – people, often not Jewish, who saved Jews during the war.

What sort of research did you do before writing the novel?
Some of my research is done before I write the book, other bit contemporaneously with the writing.  In any event, armed with the stories from Yad Vashem, I began to dig deeper.  I found a book on Jews in popular German entertainment and that book provided more detail about the rescuer’s circus and introduced me to Jewish circus dynasties in Europe.  From there, I needed all kinds of research, about Jewish life and life in general during the war, in both Germany and France, where the circus travels.  I needed to understand how they were able (and permitted) to keep performing, if at all during such grim times.  I used a variety of sources:  books, internet, periodical and photos from the time period, correspondence and other first-hand accounts.

Then there was the research about the circus in general.  European and American circuses are different and I tried hard to get the details right.  Interestingly, there are many websites devoted to historic circus arts.  Finally, I had to learn about aerialist arts, such as trapeze.  I began with books and videos and then consulted an aerialist, who taught me what was and was not possible.  But first I had to understand enough to even know the right questions to ask.

There have probably been more books written about the Second World War—both fiction and nonfiction—than any other subject. How did you keep your story fresh?
There are times when I look around at all of the books I and others have written during World War II and think, “that’s it, I’m done.”  But then the stories keep coming, each so original and irresistible, that they demand to be written.  In particular, I think the end of Communism and the opening of communications and archives not previously available have provided a lot of additional material.  There are as many stories from this period as there are people who lived it, and as long as we treat them with the thoughtfulness and respect they deserve, I’m not sure we will ever be done.

Why do you think readers are still so drawn to stories from this period in history, fast fading from memory?
Stories from the war are more popular than ever.  In part, I think it is a drive to capture and tell the stories of the survivors in whatever form now before they are gone.  I also think that the war is just such fertile ground for storytelling.   The dire circumstances and stark choices are ideal for placing the reader in the shoes of the protagonist and having her ask, “What would I have done?”

Which characters in the novel are based on real people and which did you fabricate?
All of my characters are fictitious.  But I was inspired by real life accounts I read of courageous circus owners, Jewish performers in hiding, and others.

The novel has two central characters—Noa and Astrid. Which one would you say is the main protagonist?
I couldn’t choose between Noa and Astrid – the story is equally theirs and I worked hard to give each a distinct voice.

There is a lot of detail about circus life and circus acts. Did you spend any time with a real circus?
One question I struggled with in writing this book was whether I had to go see the circus as part of my research.  I dislike the circus and think it is cruel to animals and didn’t want to go.  Ultimately, I concluded that since the modern American circus is very different from the historic European version, going would be more misleading than helpful.  But I did consult extensively with an aerialist on the trapeze.

The “orphan” who lends his name to the title is only an infant as the story unfolds. Why did you choose to give the book this title?
I’m not sure that the infant is the orphan.  First, it is unclear whether his parents are deceased or out there somewhere.  Second, Astrid may be an orphan in that her parents have been taken by the Germans.  Finally, Noa is metaphorically an orphan since her parents kicked her out.  As for titles in general, developing them is a very interesting process creatively and editorially and I think that is all I will say about that!

You spent time in Europe during your career with the State Department. What did that knowledge of place bring to the writing of the book?
I spent several years in Europe, most of which as a diplomat in Krakow, Poland.  The State Department gave me responsibility for handling all of the issues related to the Holocaust that had never been resolved during the Communist era, questions of anti-Semitism, property restitution, and preservation of the concentration camps.  I also became very close to many of the Holocaust survivors, who were like grandparents to me.  I was profoundly moved and changed by those experiences.  My books are tributes to those people and times.  I think they reflect an understanding of the era and events that can come only from having spent so much time on the ground in the region grappling with the past.

Why have you called The Orphan’s Tale “the book that broke me”?
I call The Orphan’s Tale “the book that broke me” to write because of the train of unknown infants, taken from their parents.  It is the opening scene and the lynchpin of the book, but as a mother of three children myself, it was also the hardest to write.  I avoided it for a long time before doing so.

Are you working on another novel? If so, can you give us a sneak peek into what it is about?
My next book, still untitled, is about twelve young British women who went missing in Europe during World War II while working as spies, and the woman who goes searching for them – and who might or might not have betrayed them.

Blog Tour: Finding Paradise by V.P. Ortiz

Finding Paradise by V.P. Ortiz
Published: September 24, 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Mila Quinn is ready to finally move out of the college dorms into an apartment with her longtime boyfriend, Ethan Lowe. But when Ethan reveals a big secret, her world is suddenly turned upside down, stirring up old memories of love and loss. Completely torn apart, she boards a plane to Hawaii to escape for the summer.
Even though Mila wants to spend her time in paradise in isolation, fate has other plans when it drops sexy local Gage Madden in her lap. Hesitant at first, she agrees to let him take the reins on her island exploration. As Mila discovers the wonders of Oahu with Gage, it becomes harder for her to fight the budding attraction between them.
But behind the curtain of island adventures and undeniable chemistry, trouble is brewing where Mila least expects it. Secrets begin to bubble to the surface that could destroy her all over again. Will Mila find her paradise? Or will she leave Hawaii with another broken heart?
 We’re not at this café for a normal lunch between a boyfriend and his loyal girlfriend. No, my dear, we’re here for an ambush. A bombshell. A catastrophic turn of events that’s about to turn my uneventful life upside down. And I’m supposed to have words at this point to speak? What are words?
Ethan utters my name, but I can’t peel my gaze away from the image in front of me. My tunnel vision is focused on the small grayscale picture he slid towards me with guilty eyes a few minutes ago. The picture next to the Cobb salad that will never be eaten and next to the iced tea covered in condensation dripping down the glass, crying for me.
The picture is actually perfectly clear. They say it’s hard to make out anything but blobs of gray in these things, that you can’t see much at this point. But they say a lot of things, like that love conquers all, and all you need is love. Whoever they are, they are full of shit.
I can see everything in the picture so perfectly. The tiny button nose, the delicate fingers, the rounded belly. I can make it all out just fine.
The baby in the ultrasound picture in front of me belongs to my boyfriend.
But the baby in the ultrasound picture doesn’t belong to me.

Author Bio:
V.P. Ortiz lives, works, and breathes in sunny/snowy/beautiful Colorado with her loving husband, their two beautiful children, and their three fat cats. While her home may be in the Rocky Mountains, she left her heart somewhere on the island of Oahu, where she plans to retire someday in a tiny house with an avocado tree and free-range chickens. Besides reading any book in sight, her hobbies also include eating, dancing, lip syncing, and occasionally running until her husband has to pick her up eight miles away because she got lost and has a leg cramp.



Cover Reveal: Chasing Christmas Eve by Jill Shalvis


From New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis comes the next sexy, standalone novel in the Heartbreaker Bay series...

Meet cute...
Run for the hills—temporarily. That’s Colbie Albright’s plan when she flees New York for San Francisco. Wrangling her crazy family by day and writing a bestselling YA fantasy series by night has taken its toll. In short, Colbie’s so over it that she’s under it. She’s also under the waters of a historic San Francisco fountain within an hour of arrival. Fortunately, the guy who fishes Colbie out has her looking forward to Christmas among strangers. But she’s pretty sure Spencer Baldwin won’t be a stranger for long.
Make merry...
Spence’s commitment to hiding from the Ghosts of Relationships Past means he doesn’t have to worry about the powerful—okay, crazy hot—chemistry he’s got with Colbie. Just because she can laugh at anything, especially herself... just because she’s gorgeous and a great listener…just because she “gets” Spencer immediately doesn’t mean he won’t be able to let Colbie go. Does it?
…and hope for a miracle.
Now the clock’s ticking for Colbie and Spence: Two weeks to cut loose. Two weeks to fall hard. Two weeks to figure out how to make this Christmas last a lifetime.


CHASING CHRISTMAS EVE in ebook or paperback, releasing 9/26/17

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The bathroom door opened, and even better than his fantasy, Colbie emerged from a cloud of steam, her willowy body wrapped in one of his towels, her exposed skin gleaming and dewy damp. Her hair had been piled on top of her head, but wavy strands had escaped, clinging to her neck and shoulders. He couldn’t tear his gaze off of her. There was just something so uncalculated about her, so . . . natural and easy. She was like a beacon to him, which was both crazy and more than a little terrifying. Clearly not seeing him against the wall, she moved with an effortless grace to the suitcase she’d left at the door. Bending low enough to give him a near heart attack, she rifled through her things, mumbling to herself that she should’ve researched more about how to be a normal person instead of how to kill someone with an everyday object. “Do you kill a lot of people, then?” Spence asked. “Motherforker!” she said with a startled squeak of surprise, whirling to face him, almost losing her grip on the towel. Five days a week, Spence worked out hard in this gym. Mostly to outrun his demons, but the upside was he could run miles without losing his breath. But he lost his breath now. And that wasn’t his body’s only reaction.    

Heartbreaker Bay graphic

And don’t miss the previous books in Jill Shalvis’s Heartbreaker Bay Series, SWEET LITTLE LIES, THE TROUBLE WITH MISTLETOE, ONE SNOWY NIGHT and ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE, now available!

  Grab your copies HERE!

Jill Shalvis - headshot
About Jill Shalvis: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters. Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is, um, mostly coincidental. Look for Jill’s sexy contemporary and award-winning books wherever romances are sold and click on the blog button above for a complete book list and daily blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.      

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Virtual Tour: Starlight Bridge by Debbie Mason

A second chance for romance...

Harmony Harbor #2
Debbie Mason
Releasing Feb 28, 2017

A second chance for romance...

Hidden in Graystone Manor is a book containing all the dark secrets of Harmony Harbor, and Ava DiRossi is determined to find it. No one-especially not her ex-husband, Griffin Gallagher-can ever discover what really tore her life apart all those years ago. With Griffin back in town, it's more important than ever that she find the book before someone else does. Because her ex is still angry with her for leaving him. And he still has no idea Ava never stopped loving him...

Ava is no longer the vibrant, happy woman Griffin had once loved and married, and he would do anything to bring back the sparkle to her brilliant green eyes. But what's never changed are the sexy sparks of attraction between Ava and Griffin, and he won't give her up again without a fight. He knows there's the real possibility of a future together... if the truth doesn't burn the bridge between them forever.

“How did you get in here?”
Ava’s gaze jerked to the shower curtain, her heart beating double time. She let out the breath she’d been holding when the bed creaked. Simon. Griffin was talking to the cat. “Better question would be, what have you been up to? Your paws are black. Off the bed, buddy.”
Her toes curled in her shoes, a warm, fluttery sensation settling low in her stomach in response to the slow drawl of Griffin’s deep voice. He always spoke in that low, unhurried tone. Even when he was angry or when he was whispering how much he loved her or when he was talking her out of her temper. Only then there’d been a hint of laughter too. Her temper used to amuse him. He had a long fuse; she had a short one. She used to, at least.
Her lips curved at the memories; then her wistful smile faded when the consequences of what he’d just said penetrated her lovesick brain. Simon’s paws were dirty. All she’d need was for Griffin to start looking for the source. She had to…
There was the rasp of a zipper, then the light thud of something hitting the floor. At the sound of heavy footfalls approaching the bathroom, Ava’s eyes went wide, and she pressed her back against the tiled wall. A bare, muscled arm reached past the curtain, a large hand turning on the water. The cold spray from the showerhead hit her in the face, and a small, shocked squeak escaped before she could contain it.
Griffin whipped back the shower curtain. His thick, toffee-colored hair glistened under the fluorescent light, his dazzling, deep blue eyes wide in surprise. She opened her mouth to say something, but the words got stuck in her throat as her eyes drifted down his body. He was completely and gloriously naked. And even more beautiful than she remembered.

Debbie Mason is the bestselling author of the Christmas, Colorado series and Harmony Harbor series. Her books have been praised for their "likable characters, clever dialogue and juicy plots" (RT Book Reviews). She also writes historical paranormals as Debbie Mazzuca. Her MacLeod series has received several nominations for best paranormal as well as a Holt Medallion Award of Merit. When she isn't writing or reading, Debbie enjoys spending time with her very own real-life hero, their three wonderful children, two adorable grandbabies, and a yappy Yorkie named Bella.

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