Release Day Blitz: Sexy Stranger by Kendall Ryan

From New York Times Bestselling Author Kendall Ryan comes a sexy and sizzling, enemies-to-lovers romp with bite. He's rude. Arrogant. And too hot to handle. And she's stranded with him for an entire week. He knows the sexy stranger doesn't belong in his small town, but he's determined to keep her there. The second she opens her smart mouth, he wants to swap a whole lot more than insults with her. She’s got a secret. But he’s got his own agenda.   Buckle up.   "A steamy and red-hot enemies-to-lovers romance like I've never read before!" - Beneath the Covers Book Blog "It was FREAKING FANTASTIC! Sexy, charming, and full of witty banter, I couldn't get enough of Luke and Charlotte!" - Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads    

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A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 2 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine. She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons.

Visit her at: www.kendallryanbooks.com for the latest book news, and fun extras

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Virtual Tour: The Nanny Arrangement by Rachel Harris

Their story would make one heck of a country song. 
Country Blues #2
Rachel Harris
Releasing May 22, 2017
Entangled Bliss

Soft-spoken and shy Hannah Fisher is determined to make the man she’s loved her entire life finally see her as a woman. With the help of a makeover, a new mission—Operation Find My Happy—and the convenient forced proximity of a tour bus, she vows to win her best friend Deacon’s heart.

Former bad boy and current fiddle player Deacon Latrell has the world at his fingertips: a new gig with a famous band, plus his best friend on tour as his son’s nanny. Life couldn’t get much sweeter. Now if only he could stop imagining kissing the daylights out of his childhood BFF…

With one friend set on pushing the boundaries and the other afraid to rock the boat, one thing’s for certain—their story would make one heck of a country song.

Deacon released a heavy breath. Sometimes the right thing felt a hell of a lot like nausea. Resolved with what he had to do, he looked at the door…then slowly dropped his hand.
He’d give it another few minutes.
Calling himself ten shades of coward, he redirected his steps. A hot shower would clear his head. Maybe he’d even pull a Hannah and rehearse what he’d tell her in advance. It always worked for her, helping her control her stutter, and though Deacon didn’t have that particular problem, he was nervous as hell. If her head was even half as muddled as his was, this conversation wouldn’t be easy.
Frustrated, he shoved open the bathroom door harder than necessary. Fog and heavily scented air rushed to greet him, and it took a second for the reason to register. When it did, he came to an abrupt stop with one hand on the doorknob and one foot still in the hall.
Candy and flowers.
As the steam disappeared through the crack in the door, a vision appeared, plucked straight from his recent fantasies. Creamy skin, pink from the shower and wet with liquid drops, topped anything his imagination could’ve conjured. Damp ginger curls clung to a slender throat that was arched back, making a sexy silhouette as full lips trembled in a silent speech to the ceiling. Dark, spiky lashes lay across a flushed cheek, hiding a pair of expressive eyes he’d know anywhere.
Torture, thy name was Hannah.
Gone was the girl he’d known in high school. Erased was the rock he’d depended on in college. The goddess in the shower was a woman, a beautiful woman, with tantalizing curves, shapely legs, and the most incredible smile he’d ever seen.
The arousal flowing through his veins mocked his previous so-called resolve.
Her name came on a choked breath, but Hannah’s eyes snapped open. Smooth skin turned to stone as she stared at the ceiling, wide-eyed, before slanting those green eyes toward him in horror.
“Deacon!” Frantic, she tried to cover her body, slinging one arm over her perfect breasts while reaching for the folded towel on the counter with the other, only to quickly draw back her hand and slap it over her lower half as well.
It was the hardest thing he ever did, keeping his eyes above her waist. Taking one step forward, he grabbed the terrycloth and handed it over, not trusting himself to get any closer. When she took it from his hands, she could hardly look into his eyes. Deacon’s chest gave a hard kick.
Hannah made quick work of the towel, wrapping the terrycloth around her torso and clinging to the edges. She bit her lip and stammered, “Wh-what are y-you doing?”
It wasn’t remotely funny. The reappearance of her stutter meant she was either stressed or anxious, two things he never wanted to be the cause of. But he couldn’t help the laugh that broke free at the innocent question.
A full-bodied, unstoppable laugh that threw his head back with the force of it.
“What am I doing?” he repeated in amusement, hearing the gruffness of his own voice and dragging in a deep, floral-scented breath. “Oh, Cherry… I’m losing my ever-loving mind.”

New York Times bestselling author Rachel Harris writes humorous love stories about sassy girls-next-door and the hot guys that make them swoon. Vibrant settings, witty banter, and strong relationships are a staple in each of her books…and kissing. Lots of kissing. 

An admitted bookaholic and homeschool mom, she gets through each day by laughing at herself, hugging her kids, and watching way too much Food Network with her husband. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult romances, and LOVES talking with readers!


Audio Review: The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn

The Arrangement by Sarah Dunn
Published: March 21, 2017
Publisher: Little Brown and Company
Format: Audio via publisher
Rating: 5/5

Lucy and Owen, ambitious, thoroughly-therapized New Yorkers, have taken the plunge, trading in their crazy life in a cramped apartment for Beekman, a bucolic Hudson Valley exurb. They've got a two hundred-year-old house, an autistic son obsessed with the Titanic, and 17 chickens, at last count. It's the kind of paradise where stay-at-home moms team up to cook the school's "hot lunch," dads grill grass-fed burgers, and, as Lucy observes, "chopping kale has become a certain kind of American housewife's version of chopping wood."

When friends at a wine-soaked dinner party reveal they've made their marriage open, sensible Lucy balks. There's a part of her, though-the part that worries she's become too comfortable being invisible that's intrigued. Why not try a short marital experiment? Six months, clear ground rules, zero questions asked. When an affair with a man in the city begins to seem more enticing than the happily-ever-after she's known for the past nine years, Lucy must decide what truly makes her happy-"real life," or the "experiment?"

My Thoughts
The premise of The Arrangement is that Lucy and Owen a couple who want to try something different decide on an open marriage for six months. They come up with rules and a time frame but it soon comes to light that this was way more than they bargained for. Owen quickly finds himself attractive to and evolved with someone, it's all fun and games but soon Owen realizes that this woman he wanted to have a fun time with wants it to be more. She wants a relationship and treats him like a boyfriend which wasn’t in the rules and he soon hates this whole situation. Lucy, on the other hand, is taking her time in finding someone so her friend decides why should Owen have all the fun and takes it upon herself to find someone for Lucy. Lucy agrees to meet up with this guy and goes through with it and soon they are spending a lot of time together.

Within months Owen wants out and wants to return to his life with his family, while Lucy feels the freest she has felt in years. She and her guy soon are spending time with each other and talking and really getting to know each other and soon he tells her he is falling for her. Lucy doesn’t know what to do, she loves her husband but they haven’t connected in years and this guy is like a breath of fresh air, he makes her feel alive again. In the end, will this arrangement break or make Lucy and Owen? I won't say what happens but this really makes you realize the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It shows you always have to continue to work at relationships and continue with the lines of communication, its always easy to let things slide but in the end, you will regret not letting your partner know what you want and to know what they thinking also.

I truly enjoyed this story it was funny and a quick read, I listened to this in almost one setting not wanting to stop, I always wanted to know what was happening next. The audio was wonderfully read by Ellen Archer who brought a fun and quirkiness to the characters that I really loved. Sarah Dunn brought a richness to this subject matter that could’ve gone a whole other way but by bringing some humor to the subject it shows us that sometimes we have to laugh at our lives and relationships but we can't let things fall to the wayside and we have to make the effort and put in the work. This is one read I’m telling everyone about, I honestly can't say enough great and amazing things about it.


Cover Reveal: Random Acts by Erica Spindler

Random Acts by Erica Spindler
Publishing: May 2017

Random Acts Synopsis
One dead queen.  
Three bizarre acts of violence.  
No visible connection between the crimes.

Michaela Dee Dare, newly minted detective for the New Orleans PD, is called to a Garden District mansion—someone’s decided to bludgeon a former Queen of Carnival to death with her own scepter.

Even as the investigative pieces begin to fall into place and they close in on a perpetrator, something’s not adding up for Micki.  It’s too easy, the crime too random. But what’s a rookie detective to do when her seasoned partner doesn’t agree with her?

Betting on her instinct and gambling with her future in the NOPD, Micki strikes out on her own, pulling at strings that reveal an evil that chills her to her core—and may cost her everything she holds dear.

Set in New Orleans’ most iconic neighborhoods, this exciting prequel to The Lightkeepers —a series lauded as ‘enthralling’ and ‘not to be missed’—introduces tough, likable heroine Micki ‘Mad Dog’ Dare, and foreshadows the thrill-packed journey to come.

Detective Michaela Dee Dare’s stomach growled. Loudly. One of those deep rumbles that would’ve been heard clear to the back of church on a packed Sunday morning. If she went to church.
Micki had given up church and praying to an invisible father for help a long time ago. Now she put her faith in the tangible. Her own skills. The gun at her hip, the shield that gave her the power to protect herself.
These days, she would not go down without one hell of a fight.
Lessons learned the hard way.
Up ahead, the blue lights of a lone cruiser flashed in front of a big-ass mansion. She’d pulled a temporary assignment in the Second District.  Highest priced real estate in New Orleans. Ritzy-titzyville.
She usually worked the Ninth District. Not quite down on its luck, not quite middle class. Which suited her just fine. People who dealt with real life every day; people who knew who they were and where they belonged.
Here, the phony-factor ran high. Real high. Sort of like the crazy club she’d grown up in. Mama’s narcissism, Aunt Jo’s desperation. Grandma Roberta’s complete denial of reality.
And her Uncle Beau’s voice in her ear, deep and round from a third scotch: “Come, Michaela, let’s play a little game of make-believe.”
Micki shoved that memory deep into the dark recesses. The place the monsters lived. They came out to play sometimes, but rarely by the light of day.  No, it was the night they preferred.
She reached the scene, parking behind the lone cruiser. Police tape stretched across the entrance to the building, blending weirdly with the purple, green, and gold Mardi Gras swags adorning the columned mansion’s facade. Tinsel wreaths of the same colors hung on the double doors, waving in the breeze like sparkling fingers.
The toot of a horn startled her and she glanced in her rearview. A man climbing out of his vehicle. Her partner—like her assignment, temporary.
Her first impression was of an aging goodfella, softening around the edges but still intimidating. “Carmine Angelo,” he said, holding out a beefy hand.
“Micki Dare.”
He smiled, a big toothy grin that changed him from crime boss to somebody’s daddy. “You’re new to the Detective Bureau.”
“I am.” They fell into step together. “Promoted the first of the year.”
“Thanks. What do you know about the vic?” she asked.
“Besides that she was rich and now she’s dead? Nada.”
They reached the first officer; Angelo greeted him by name. “Chuckles, good to see you, man.  What do we have?”
“One Vivianne Stanley, found beaten to death in her Queen’s room.”  At Micki’s raised eyebrow, he added, “You know, Mardi Gras Royalty.”
They entered the mansion, reached the queen’s room. It was essentially an office—except for the eye-catching, life-size display: Queen’s garb—beaded gown, faux fur stole, and other glittering memorabilia. So eye-catching, in fact, Micki almost missed the real deal.
Vivianne Stanley, sprawled on the floor, circled by a pool of blood.

Praise for The Lightkeepers Series

THE FINAL SEVEN is an expertly plotted crime drama with some supernatural flare and a dash of romance for good measure. 

Edgy and charged with atmosphere, The Final Seven is exactly what a supernatural thriller should be: a battle royale for the human soul. Spindler knows her stuff. 
– Laura Benedict, author of Charlotte's Story and Bliss House

"Erica Spindler has long been an innovator, but she's created something truly special with this debut in her new thriller series, THE FINAL SEVEN. Engrossing, exciting, and genuinely scary, Spindler takes you on a relentless ride that doesn't let up until the last line. I can't wait to read the next The Lightkeepers installment featuring Detectives Michaela Dare and Zach Harris - Spindler has created a partnership for the ages." 
– J.T. Ellison, NYT bestselling author of WHAT LIES BEHIND 

About Erica
Erica Spindler is the New York Times and International Chart bestselling author of thirty-three novels and three eNovellas. Published around the globe, she has been called the “The Master of Addictive Suspense” and “Queen of the Romantic Thriller.” 

The Lightkeepers is Erica’s first series, something she’s wanted to do for years. All she was waiting for was the right characters. She found them in Micki Dare, reformed southern belle turned kick-ass cop, and Zach “Hollywood” Harris, a charming bad boy with some very cool, save-the-world skills. 

Erica splits her writing time between her New Orleans area home, her favorite coffee shop, and a lakeside writing retreat. She’s married to her college sweetheart, has two sons and the constant companionship of Roxie, the wonder retriever. 

Erica is currently at home in New Orleans, writing Micki and Zach’s next adventure, FALLEN FIVE. 

Learn more about Erica online at www.ericaspindler.com or join the conversation on Facebook at Erica Spindler, Author. 

Connect With Erica Spindler
Website: http://www.ericaspindler.com/  

Virtual Tour: Risking It All by T.J. Kline

Are they doomed to repeat the mistakes of their past?
Hidden Falls #3
T.J. Kline
Released May 2nd, 2017
Avon Impulse

Andrew McQuaid wasn't always the local playboy. Once upon a time, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with one woman-Gia Mancuso. When he made a mistake and lost her, he decided he wasn't meant to have a happy-ever-after. Now, Gia's come back to town, with a baby in tow, and it might just mean a second chance at forever, if he can convince her that he never stopped loving her.

Ten years after leaving, Gia finds herself back in Hidden Falls. Between helping her ailing father save the family restaurant and taking care of the baby her sister left on her doorstep, she doesn't have time for the man who once broke her heart. But Andrew is all grown-up now, in every single way. And the part of her that has always been his can't quite say no to his tempting kisses.

Just when Gia begins to open her heart, a devastating secret emerges that threatens to destroy her family and any future with Andrew. Are they doomed to repeat the mistakes of their past or can Andrew convince Gia that she's always been his one and only?

The soft crunch of gravel jerked her upright as headlights bathed the interior of her car in white light, blinding her. Reports of women being carjacked, kidnapped, or murdered filled her mind, and she hurried to snap the buckle of Bella’s seat again. Dropping the bottle, she lunged forward, attempting to climb over the console into the driver’s seat to get the hell away from whatever killer might be approaching her car.
It took only a few seconds to realize how big a mistake she’d made.
Gia had always been well endowed, but she’d never expected her curves to get her stuck partway between her front and back seats. She wiggled, trying to twist sideways to make it easier to pull her forward. Gripping the edge of the steering wheel, Gia used it for leverage, tucking one knee under her as she tried to force herself through. It was no use. She was hopelessly stuck, now unable to move forward or back. She was a miserable excuse for a guardian and prayed her stupidity wasn’t about to end with her and Bella on tomorrow’s news, murdered on the side of the highway, mere minutes from their destination.
She craned her neck to see the flash of red and blue lights washing through the back window for the car as a thin white beam of light slashed through the window, into her eyes. She held up a hand, trying to make out any of the features of who she prayed was really a cop, even if it meant someone would witness her embarrassing predicament. The back door opened and Gia heard a deep rumble of laughter.
“What brings you back to town, Gia?”
Gia closed her eyes, wishing she could crawl under her car. How was it possible that after nearly ten years of avoiding him, she was now caught in this position by the one man she never wanted to see again, the same one who’d broken her stupidly naïve heart at nineteen?
“Andrew McQuaid,” she muttered to herself. He shone the light on her rear end, and irritation welled. “You think instead of ogling my ass you might actually help me?”
She felt the hands that had carried her to her first heights of ecstasy reach for either side of her hips. The same hands she’d sworn would never touch her again after she found out about that bastard’s cheating ways.
“Hey,” she squealed, trying to squirm away from his touch, willing herself to ignore the way her heart leapt into her throat. “What the hell are you doing?”
“Exactly what you asked me to do. I’m helping you.”
“Not like that!” She swung a hand at him, slapping her own butt in the process, but at least he let go of her.
“How exactly do you propose I help, then?”
“I don’t know. You’re the cop.”
Andrew laughed, still leaning into her car, bent over awkwardly behind her. “Honey, I really don’t see any other way.”
She glared at him over her shoulder. “Don’t call me that.”
“Fine.” Andrew moved into the car, practically sitting in the back seat, and slid one hand through an opening by her waist, in front of her bent knee. The other slid around her calf and managed to pull it out from under her. “There. I’m going to tip your right hip down, but you’re going to have to manage to twist your shoulders to fit… um…” He searched for a polite term he could call her boobs. “… the girls through,” he finished with a chuckle.
Gia felt the rush of heat flood her face. “Let’s just get this over with.”
Andrew’s hands closed on her hips again, practically cupping her right butt cheek in his palm. “Bend your right knee and I’m going to pull on three. One… two… three.”
Gia managed to twist her body as Andrew pulled her backward, and she slid through the space as if she’d never been stuck at all. Andrew dropped into the seat, carrying her with him. Gia landed in his lap with one of his muscular forearms under her breasts, the other hand cupping her inner thigh, sending a blast of heat between her legs. It was the worst reaction she could have ever imagine having.
Until she realized that hard ridge beneath her rear wasn’t his gun.

T. J. Kline was bitten by the horse bug early and began training horses at fourteen—as well as competing in rodeos and winning several rodeo queen competitions—but has always known writing was her first love. She also writes under the name Tina Klinesmith. In her spare time, she can be found spending as many hours as possible laughing hysterically with her husband, teens, and their menagerie of pets in Northern California. That is when she isn't running around the California Gold Country researching new stories.

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Mini Review: Memories for Sale by Karen Fowler

Memories for Sale by Karen Fowler
Published: March 23, 2011
Publisher: Quirky Gurl Media
Rating: 4/5


When Eleanor learns that her time is running out, she reaches out to her estranged daughter and the grandchild she's never met, hoping to make amends. With the help of an elaborate plan, she intends to make memories that will last them a lifetime, and a legacy that will continue to provide for them long after she has gone. But the one thing that Eleanor has forgotten is that her daughter can be just as stubborn as she is. Will she be able to reunite with her daughter, while still keeping her biggest secret?

My Thoughts
I wanted a short and easy read one day and I got this one on Kindle for free. We meet Eleanor who hasn’t spoken to her daughter in years after she got pregnant through an affair. Eleanor decides she will leave her most precious of memories to her granddaughter whom she has never met. She decides to call her daughter after some awful news and just hopes it's not too late to salvage their relationship. This was a heartwarming story one that will make you truly grateful for the love ones you have.