Review: Surfside Sisters by Nancy Thayer

Surfside Sisters by Nancy Thayer
Expected Publication: July 2, 2019
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Format: via NetGalley
Rating: 4/5

Growing up, Lara always dreamed of leaving Nantucket to become a writer. Now that she's a bestselling novelist living in New York City, she realizes that success isn't what she thought it would be. Confused, and with a harrowing case of writer's block, Lara misses the island way of life more than ever. But going back to Nantucket out of the blue isn't so easy, as a deep rift with her childhood best friend, Isabelle, has kept the two from speaking for years.

When her mother is laid off from her job and becomes depressed, Lara reluctantly comes home, leaving a failed relationship and hopefully her other troubles behind. But facing her estranged best friend is harder than she expects. And falling for Isabelle's brother, Sebastian--who was also Lara's teenage crush--only complicates things. Lara soon realizes that she must remedy the mistakes of her past in order to find true happiness. 

My Thoughts
Surfside Sisters focuses on best friends Lara and Isabelle who have been friends forever, Isabelle has been the one with a cushy life and no worries while Lara has always had to work hard for the things she wants. When Lara was a teenager she fell hard for Sebastian, Isabelle’s brother but never acted on it since she valued her friendship like nothing else. So she denied her feelings and possibly lost out on the love of her life just so she wouldn’t make Isabelle mad.

As time goes on both Lara and Isabelle fall in and out of relationships but Sebastian was always the love of Lara’s life. They flirted but she never knew if his feelings were mutual or just simply flirting. Both friends wanted to be writers and after Lara’s father passed away she dropped out of school to help her mom, while Isabelle continued college. With a little luck Lara’s writing career takes off and she becomes successful. She wants to share this news with Isabelle but even after years of not talking Lara still thinks of them as friends while Isabelle doesn't want anything to do with her. She has moved on with Lara’s ex and is simply jealous that her career hasn't taken off like Lara’s. 

While I liked this beachy read there were parts I didn't like. I didn't like how Lara kept trying to hang on to a friendship that was done by all accounts. I didn't like how it seemed Lara was the only one who still wanted to be friends, it was as if she was begging Isabelle to be friends with her. Isabelle seemed like a bully at times just playing with Lara’s emotions when she wanted to. She knew how Lara felt about her brother yet basically always told her he was off limits like she controlled Lara. I think a true friend would want you to be happy no matter what even if that meant becoming involved with your brother.

The romance with Lara and Sebastian was something alright. I liked the push and pull of it all. Their timing was never right, but all relationships aren't always instant right? The fact that it took them forever to get together was a great move, we saw them grow and come into their own which to me meant when they finally got together it was the perfect time. Even the friendship of Lara and Isabelle came together at the end, which I thought was good also. Sometimes friendships don't always last but the ones that do endure over time are ones that can make the long haul. Surfside Sisters is the perfect beach read one that gives us a wonderful story about love and friendships that capture the perfect essence of Nantucket Summers. 


Release Week Blitz: It's In His Song by Shelly Alexander

Today we have the release week blitz for Shelly C. Alexander’s It’s In His Song! 

Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!!!

It’s In His Song by Shelly C. Alexander

Genre: Contemporary Romance


They’re both back in Red River for good, and the chemistry is stronger than ever. But will her secret tear them apart all over again?   Dylan McCoy is restless to take over Red River’s favorite watering hole—Cotton Eyed Joe’s—when his Uncle Joe retires. First, he’s got to prove he has what it takes to carry on Joe’s legacy. Finally able to put the painful scars from his days working in L.A.’s trendy music scene behind him, he sets out to host a weekend workshop for songwriters. He calls in a favor and lines up some of the biggest musicians in the biz to attend. Life is good. Until the business owners who occupy the commercial space next door threaten to ruin his establishment right before the rock star lineup of attendees are scheduled to blow into town.   Hailey Hicks left Red River six years ago with a secret. Now—as a seasoned hairstylist who’s made her own way in the world—she’s back in town to help her cousin expand her salon. Unfortunately, the renovations aren’t going as planned and draw fire from the saloon next door. When she comes face to face with her ex, Dylan McCoy, sparks fly. Can they mend the damage done because of how they parted ways? Or will her secret cause them both to get burned again?   I'm attaching the covers (both digital and print) and a graphic my designer created for promo. I'll forward other graphics to you as my assistant creates them.

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About Shelly

Shelly Alexander is the author of contemporary romances that are sometimes sweet, sometimes sizzling, and always sassy. A 2014 Golden Heart® finalist and a 2019 RITA® finalist, she grew up traveling the world, earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing, and worked in the business world for twenty-five years. With four older brothers and an older sister, she watched every Star Trek episode ever made, joined the softball team instead of ballet class, and played with G.I. Joes while the Barbie Corvette stayed tucked in her closet. When she had three sons of her own, she decided to escape her male-dominated world by reading romance novels and has been hooked ever since. Now she spends her days writing steamy contemporary romances while tending to two toy poodles named Mozart and Midge.  

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Book Blitz: Take Me Away by Rachel Kirwin

Take Me Away by Rachel Kirwin
(Everly Place, #1)
Publication date: June 24, 2019
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Iris Everly is trying to figure out her place in the world. A world that has caused her heartache, loneliness, and uncertainty of her future. When her sisters and the Keller boys return from college she is forced to face some of the pain from her past but it also allows her to open her heart to new possibilities and maybe even love.
Did you ever have a childhood friend?
Your only friend…
One that drove you crazy but you craved more?
Clay Keller isn’t a little boy anymore
And I’m certainly not a little girl.
I need him, and I think he needs me, too!
Iris and Clay grew up as childhood friends in the small town of Leavenworth. When Mr. Keller became Mayor and moved his family to the other side of town, Iris and Clay grew up and grew apart. When Iris’s sisters and the Keller boys return from college Clay and Iris reconnect but life always has a way of tearing them apart.

Iris & Clay
Iris is a small town girl with a passion for writing and her biggest goal is to live under the radar with no attention on herself. With an outer beauty that is natural and basic, as some would say, she doesn’t dress to impress. Iris’s life has been lived inside her books, reading classic novels and writing her own life story. Iris has suffered great loss in her life which has left her with no plans for the future except being there for her Dad.
Clay Keller is a small town heartthrob who had a long term relationship with ex-cheerleader, Lexi McAdams. When Clay left for college and his girlfriend cheated on him he reevaluates his trust in women and what he is really looking for in a relationship. It turns out that everything he has ever wanted in a girl is everything that he had, he just didn’t know it.
Until now…
Iris and Clay reconnect when he comes home from college for the summer and it isn’t long until she’s swept away into a world of just the two of them. Not everyone is a fan of their newfound romance and some make it clear. Iris begins to come out of her bubble and begins to dream of a future outside of her hometown but before she decides where the wind will take her she must think about all that she leaves behind.

Author Bio:
Rachel Kirwin has three beautiful children with her husband of 10 years. She enjoys relaxing at the beach, spending time with her family, and writing.
As a young child, Rachel was always conjuring up stories and filling them with colorful characters, sharing them with anyone and everyone who would listen. Since then, she's progressed quite a bit to formulating longer and more complex stories with the hope of sharing them with much larger audiences.



Review: The Chain by Adrian McKinty

The Chain by Adrian McKinty
Expected Publication: July 9, 2019
Publisher: Mulholland Books
Format: via NetGalley
Rating: 4.5/5

You just dropped off your child at the bus stop. A panicked stranger calls your phone. Your child has been kidnapped, and the stranger explains that their child has also been kidnapped, by a completely different stranger. The only way to get your child back is to kidnap another child within 24 hours. Your child will be released only when the next victim's parents kidnap yet another child, and most importantly, the stranger explains, if you don't kidnap a child, or if the next parents don't kidnap a child, your child will be murdered. You are now part of The Chain.

My Thoughts
The Chain starts off with the simple concept of a kidnapping at a bus stop but that is just the tip of the iceberg with this out of this world story by Adrian McKinty. It starts off like any other day, Rachel has just dropped off her daughter Kylie and is on her way to the doctor when she receives a call that will change her life forever. Someone claims to have kidnapped Kylie and she is to send ransom money and the biggest twist to this is that Rachel has to kidnap another child to take Kylie’s place. You see they claim that this is The Chain and it cant be broken or else people will die. They also tell her she can't go to the media or police or Kylie will die. Rachel, of course, thinks this is ridiculous but all she can think about is getting her daughter back so she decides to do the unthinkable and do as they say. She enlists the help of her ex-brother in law, who has tons of issues of his own, but he being ex-military is the only one who could possibly help her with this outrageous plan.

What is The Chain exactly? They claim it has been happening for decades but has it really? And who exactly is running this whole show? Is it mob-related or cartel? How have they managed to be doing this the whole time and not get caught? And what exactly is happening with all this money that is being collected? Towards the end we finally get some answers and when it revealed it isn't what I expected.

The Chain has its twists and turns and I find the whole idea of a chain interesting. You think why do these people continue to do what is being asked of them and not call the police, what it boils down to is simple...fear. Fear is the one thing that can make you do crazy things. While it comes to a loved one you will do anything for them, even the unthinkable. So these people play on that emotional and ride it for all its worth. And this is what makes this novel so good! Seeing these people wanting to save their loved ones at any cost is heart wretching but would you do anything differently? It's easy to say you would but when your loved one is in harm who knows how you would react. This is one novel that has you by the seat of your pants from the very start and doesn't let go until the last page is turned. The Chain is one novel that should be at the top of your list this Summer.

Book Blitz: Snap Shot by Rebekah Dodson

Snap Shot by Rebekah Dodson 
Publication date: June 21, 2019
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance, Sports

One day to remember forever, one trip to last a lifetime. Life has a way of throwing you curve balls. Dirty laundry, bad boyfriends, and a car breaking down. I thought I had been dealt the worst cards possible my senior year of college, then I got the call that would change it all. My brother had tried to kill himself and I had to get to him now. Jeremiah is my only hope.

I have a secret, and I don’t know how to tell Georgia. She’s been my best friend since I started college, but this could change everything. When she calls me and asks for a ride when her car breaks down, I don’t expect the interception we have to face. We only have today to create a Snapshot that will last a lifetime or change our paths forever.

Author Bio
Rebekah Dodson is a prolific author of over 30 romance, fantasy, and science fiction novels. Her works include the series Postcards from Paris, #1 bestselling Curse of Lanval series, Life After Us series, and several stand alone novels and short stories. She has been writing her whole life, with her first published work of historical fiction with 4H Clubs of America at the age of 12, and poetry at the age of 16 with the National Poetry Society. With an extensive academic background including education, history, psychology and English, she currently works as a college professor by day and a writer by night.



Review: Requited by Melody Grace

Unrequited by Melody Grace
Published: May 21, 2014
Format: Kindle read
Rating: 3/5

You can be anyone for a night...

Alicia isn't the kind of girl to kiss a total stranger up against the wall—no matter how devastatingly sexy he is. But reeling from a broken heart, she runs straight into the arms of Dex Callahan: rock star, bad boy, and the most seductive man she's ever known.

Dex is looking for distraction, at any price. The innocent redhead is just what he needs to keep his demons at bay—but one taste of her sweetness isn't enough. He needs to possess her, body and soul. Two searching hearts. One night to discover the passion of a lifetime. Dex is determined to show Alicia the pleasure she's been denied, but can she let go of her heartache and take a risk on the unknown?

My Thoughts
I love a Melody Grace novel, it’s the perfect thing when I want a break from reading fiction and thrillers. In Unrequited Alicia isn't the type of girl who has flings but tonight she is heartbroken and all she wants is to be wanted. Dex is the quintessential bad boy rocker and he isn't the one for relationships but when he meets Alicia will all that change?

These two are opposites but like they say opposites attract. Alicia after making out with Dex admits that this isn't who she is, but there is something about Dex that makes her feel things she never has. While Dex has demons he has to work out, he can't deny how Alicia makes him feel and all he wants is to show her exactly that.

I love Melody Grace’s novels because they give you a great story, awesome characters and the romance has just the right amount of steamy in them. So if you want something fun and flirty this one might be the one for you.


Review: Autoboyography by Christina Lauren

Autoboyography by Christina Lauren
Published: September 12, 2017
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Format: audiobook via Overdrive
Rating: 4/5

Three years ago, Tanner Scott’s family relocated from California to Utah, a move that nudged the bisexual teen temporarily back into the closet. Now, with one semester of high school to go, and no obstacles between him and out-of-state college freedom, Tanner plans to coast through his remaining classes and clear out of Utah.

But when his best friend Autumn dares him to take Provo High’s prestigious Seminar—where honor roll students diligently toil to draft a book in a semester—Tanner can’t resist going against his better judgment and having a go, if only to prove to Autumn how silly the whole thing is. Writing a book in four months sounds simple. Four months is an eternity.

It turns out, Tanner is only partly right: four months is a long time. After all, it takes only one second for him to notice Sebastian Brother, the Mormon prodigy who sold his own Seminar novel the year before and who now mentors the class. And it takes less than a month for Tanner to fall completely in love with him.

My Thoughts
Autoboyography gives us the story of Tanner who is a bi teen living in conservative Utah. He has a best friend Autumn whom he thinks likes him but he doesn't see her that way. He is just waiting to go off to college and live his life the way he wants when he meets Sebastian. Sebastian is everything Tanner wants to be, he has just published his first novel and Tanner falls in love with him. Living in religious Utah he doesn't know if Sebastian is gay or not so he doesn't want to be too forward but soon he gets signals that make him think Sebastian feels the same way about him.

We slowly see Tanner and Sebastian trend the line when it comes to romance. Tanner is head over heels while Sebastian can't admit that he is bi or gay he just knows that he has feelings for Tanner but will never admit it to anyone. This story pulled at my heartstrings at times seeing how both of these guys are just trying to find their way in the world all the while trying to navigate the feelings of love. It's hard enough growing up but to come out in such a conservative city it took a toll on them both and their relationship.

This novel was all about love and coming to terms with who you are and being proud of it. The romance was cute and you rooted for them because you wanted them to be happy and have a chance to see what could be. I also enjoyed Tanner’s friendships and family, they offered him such love and support sadly something you don't see sometimes. This is a wonderfully written novel that will leave you with so many emotions in the very end.