Day 20 of 25 Days of Christmas: A Christmas Gift by Stella Wilkinson

A Christmas Gift by Stella Wilkinson
Published: December 12, 2014
Format: free Kindle read
Rating: 4/5

Holly and Caleb had been best friends as children, growing up on the same street, but as teenagers, they couldn't be further apart. When Caleb unexpectedly asked Holly to help him pick out a Christmas gift for his girlfriend, neither of them anticipated where it would lead.

My Thoughts
A Christmas Gift is the story of Holly and Caleb who as kids were best of friends but as they grew up moved into different social circles. One day Caleb asks Holly for help picking out a gift for his girlfriend but unknown to Caleb, Holly has had the biggest crush on and it kills her to do this. While Holly finds gifts that are meaningful his girlfriend lets it be known that all she wants are expensive gifts. Holly is torn to tell Caleb the truth about his girlfriend but doesn’t want to hurt his feelings and doesn’t want to risk their renewed friendship. A Christmas Gift is a sweet read about unrequited love and maybe some new found love. I love the connection between these two even if they both try to deny their feelings. This is one read that is definitely worth the time.

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