Day 19 of 25 Days of Christmas: Makeshift Angel by Jean Louise

Makeshift Angel by Jean Louise
Published: December 7, 2014
Publisher: J.Y. Harris Books
Format: free Kindle buy
Rating: 5/5

Emily wants to be sure that Santa gets her Christmas wish, and according to schoolyard rumor, that's a job for snow angels. Trouble is, there's not much opportunity to make snow angels in Florida. So Emily has to come up with a Plan B.....

My Thoughts
What can be said about a story that’s only nine pages long? LOTS! Boy, I thought this wasn’t going to be much of a read, boy was I wrong. This is a touching story of a little girl who only wants one thing for Christmas so she sets out to make it come true. She hears that if she makes a snow angel and makes a wish it will come true but living in Florida kind of makes that impossible so she sets out to make her own snow. When we find out her wish I must admit I got kind of teary-eyed. This book might be very short, but its message and emotions are that of a full-length book.

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