Day 16 of 25 Days of Christmas: Last Christmas by Lily Greene

Last Christmas by Lily Green
Published: October 22, 2015
Publisher: Endeavour Press
Format: via free Kindle read
Rating: 4/5

Last Christmas Ella’s heart was broken.  She had been with sophisticated banker Robbie Newton for six years when they suddenly broke up on New Year’s Eve. Robbie had left her heartbroken and hurt with nothing but a note explaining he had taken a job in Chicago. This Christmas Ella is determined to bury her past and start afresh.

She focuses on her career as an artist and organizes her debut exhibition in a swanky London gallery. While shopping for her best friend, Libby Crosley, who is hosting her infamous Christmas party that evening, Ella bumps into a mysterious man in the supermarket. After a series of awkward run-ins and chance meetings with this stranger, Fergus Lamb, Ella feels the pangs of love again. Fergus is nothing like any man Ella’s ever dated.

He’s a quirky, smart, bold, and spontaneous war photographer who looks like James Dean. Just as Ella’s luck is changing, Robbie shows up unannounced at the opening night of her exhibition. Ella is faced with a choice when Robbie finally offers her what she always wanted. Who will Ella choose? Her suave and successful ex-boyfriend who she finds so irresistible? Or the exciting new stranger who has just waltzed into her life?

My Thoughts
I loved Last Christmas because it was all about recovering from heartache but becoming stronger for it. We meet Ella who is slowly recovering from her breakup from her long-term boyfriend the year before. As Christmas rolls around it is difficult but she is determined to make this one a good one and not focus on the negative. While she is setting up for her art exhibit she meets a nice guy Fergus whom she hits it off with right away. There is an instant connection between these two that can’t be denied. But of course, nothing can go off without a hitch her ex soon comes back realizing he wants her back. Isn’t that just like someone who hurts you, they realize what a mistake they made and now they think they can come back like nothing? Ella soon finds out that meeting up with her ex that now he wants everything she did and is promising her all of it now.  So will Ella go back to her ex and have everything she ever wanted or will take a chance at a new love with someone who loves her as is? Last Christmas is a wonderful tale that shows us that yes love can hurt but maybe just maybe it’s all for the better.

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