Mini Review: Best Man for the Job by Lucy King

Best Man for the Job by Lucy King
Published: June 1, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin
Format: NetGalley
Rating: 3/5

The wedding guest from her past...

For Celia Forrester, Marcus Black--her brother's best friend--was always totally off-limits. Especially after The Night That Nearly Happened. It was years ago, but Celia remembers it for all the worst reasons! But now, Marcus is back in the picture--he's the best man at her brother's wedding and more gorgeous than ever!

It's all kinds of inappropriate, but giving in to temptation looks like the best way for Celia to get Marcus out of her system. But their one night comes with consequences. And this time, it won't be fifteen years until they have to face them...but nine months!

My Thoughts
Harlequin books are my guilty pleasure…ok so I don’t feel that guilty about them. I love them for what they are, a book to get my mind off of things and a quick romantic read. This one satisfied that once again.

This is the story of Celia and Marcus who hook up after years apart and now are unexpectedly expecting. I liked how this story shows us how not only how they are dealing with this as a non-couple but also how it factors into their individual lives. She has issues making her father happy and he is dealing with wanting to be a better father than his was.

While this is a short read I felt like I got a real complete story. I felt that this story was real as far as not everything isn’t always the way we plan them to be. Sometimes life throws us little curveballs and surprises and we have to really deal with them. However it is those surprises that are sometimes the sweetest things in life that we wouldn’t trade anything for.

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