Weekend with my loves...music, football and of course books!

In an effort to keep up with my resolutions for a better stress free year I did some major cleaning this weekend. In between football games I managed to get some things done. I started off with the music. I mean you can’t really clean or do anything really without music right? I keep it old school with my music. While I have tons of cds, and music downloads my favorite method is still LPs. 
Why? Mainly because my favorite kind of music is anything from the 60’s-70’s and the only way you hear it in my opinion, is through a turntable. So once I got my tunes together I started off with brutal task of paring down my books. I know I know it was heartbreaking! I try to force myself to do this at least twice a year. While I would love to keep all my books it is quite impossible to do, I don’t have that much space I already have four bookcases in my bedroom. Luckily this time around it wasn’t so hard to do; I had a lot of double copies and books that I honestly didn’t want. So while this time around it was easy I know the next time it might not be. So do you a certain criteria when you sort out your books? For me it’s pretty easy, I made myself abide by a few rules.

*Those I keep I must really love
*Classics never go out of style
* If I haven’t read it I give myself one year to do so or pass it on
*Don’t be greedy share; don’t just hang on to something just for the sake of it

When I first decided to donate my books I didn’t know what to do with them. I thought it would be easy to find a place that would want them, but surprise I was wrong! Guess everyone doesn’t love books the way we do…strange huh?
Anyways I finally found that the Salvation Army would love the books! YAY! So this week they will get a ton. Ok not a ton but over 2 books which is about 60+ books. However recently I found out there was a nonprofit program in my area that gives the books to local kids and after school programs so I think my next batch will go to them. I love the whole idea of helping future generations get into the reading habit. I love how reading can take you to places you never knew existed. Simply put books are magical to me nothing is better.

So while it might hurt me to part with these books which have made me laugh, cry, question and inspire me I do it for the possibility. The possibility? The possibility that with any luck they will do the same for the next person and that makes it all worthwhile.

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  1. I've found it hard to find places that take old books too! I never thought about nonprofits, though, I'm going to have to look into that.