Review: The Rest of Us by Jessica Lott

The Rest of Us by Jessica Lott
Expected Publication: July 2, 2013
Format: E-Arc via Edelweiss
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Rating: 3/5 stars

Summary via Goodreads
A gorgeous literary debut about second chances, The Rest of Us is an indelible love story that explores the legacy of an affair between a young student and her older professor.

As a college student, Terry fell madly and destructively in love with Rhinehart, her famous poetry professor, tumbling into a relationship from which she never fully recovered. Now, fifteen years later, she’s single, still living in the same walk-up she moved into after college, and languishing as a photographer’s assistant, having long abandoned her own art. But when she stumbles upon Rhinehart’s obituary online, she finds herself taking stock of the ways her life has not lived up to her youthful expectations and grows disproportionately distraught at the thought that she’ll never see him again.

She is shocked when a few weeks later she bumps into Rhinehart himself: very much alive, married, and Christmas shopping at Bloomingdale’s. What ensues is an intense and beautiful friendship, an unexpected second act that pushes Terry to finally reckon with the consequences of their past and the depth of her own aspirations—and to begin to come back alive as an artist and a woman. Set in New York’s vibrant art world, The Rest of Us is a captivating read and is as much a love letter to the city and the struggles of its artists as it is a sharp and stirring novel of the heart.

My Thoughts
This book is all about love, heartache and second chances. The story tells the story of Terry and her relationship with her professor. While having moved on with her life she is forced to relive t when she thinks he has passed on. In flashbacks we learn all about their relationship and what leads up to the breakup.

I personally didn’t feel the emotional pull that the writer was trying to make us buy into. While I think the overall story is good and I enjoyed the writing I just couldn’t buy into this “love story.”

While this is a storyline we have seen time and time again I do agree that we must deal with and address our past actions if we ever want to move on. That things that seem important when we are young aren’t valued the same when we are older.

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