Review: The Great Divide by Janet Goss

The Great Divide by Janet Goss
Published: July 2, 2013
Format: Finished copy via publisher
Publisher: NAL Trade
Rating: 3/5

Summary via Goodreads
For the past ten years, Vera Van Loon has been beating the city heat at her friend’s idyllic lakeside guest cabin. There, she’s Aunt Loony to Kit Garrett’s teenagers, a kayaker instead of a straphanger—and a million miles away from the complications of real” life in Manhattan.

If only she didn’t have to alternate weekends with one of the Garretts’ relatives, everything would be perfect—until she discovers the truth: Uncle” Cyrus is hardly the man she thought he was. He’s just her type, wildly appealing—and a worthy Scrabble opponent. All of a sudden, everything is perfect until Labor Day. Because Cyrus prefers the rural life and Vera could never give up New York.

Back in town, a chance encounter with a seductive local convinces her she’s where she belongs—but Cyrus has other ideas. With choices, and crises, coming from all directions, it’s time for Vera to make a life-or-life decision that will be anything but a day at the beach.

My Thoughts
The Great Divide is a good summer read…nothing more and nothing less. It’s an easy breezy summer book. It’s the story of Vera and her summer “family” and how she spends all her summers with them. All of that is thrown out when she realizes she must now share her weekends and cabin with “uncle” Cyrus. Needless to say “Uncle” Cyrus isn’t what she thought he was.

They both of course hit it off and eventually decide to embark into a summer fling, just enjoying their time together nothing serious at all. Well we know how that goes. Both of course start to want more than just the summer but seeing how they live in somewhat different worlds, hers-city, he’s rural. While neither one wants to give up their lives they decide maybe it’s for the best to part after summer.
They both try to move on they realize that there was something more, something deep between them more than just the summer.

The Great Divide has more than just a summer romance featured. There are a great collection of characters. Vera’s city friend had a fling with a younger guy years ago and sets out to look for him again in hopes to having another child. Kind of odd seeing how he doesn’t even know he was one child already. In the process she never thought they would end up a family. There are also her crazy and odd neighbors who provide a good laugh or two.

If you are looking for something light, quick and fun pick this one up for your next beach read. Who doesn’t need a little summer romance every now and then?

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