Let football season officially begin!!

YES!!!!!! It’s that time of year again today is the official start of football! Oh how I love the fall and football season. Being from Texas we love football season it’s a rite of passage Friday night lights, college game day Saturdays and NFL Sundays. So after seeing a post by Sarah’s Book Shelves I thought I would post some of my favorite football inspired books movies and TV shows. And lastly while I love the game as a whole my heart belongs to my home team… I mean come on we have the best defensive guy in the league…how can you say no to this?? 
Cora Carmack [Rusk University series]
Shannon Stacey [A Boys of Fall series]
Julie Brannagh [A Love and Football series]
Laura Trentham [Falcon Football series]
Bella Andre [Bad Boys of Football series]
Farrah Rochon [New York Sabers series]
Natalie Decker [Rival series]
Taylor Hart [The Last Play series]
The one that started it all [for me]...

Those are some of my faves, even if you aren't a football fan I'm sure you can find one of these that will keep you entertained.


  1. Ummm....football? Yes!!!! Being a Texan, of course I say yes. However....Cowboys? Instead of Texans. LOL LOL

    1. Kay you know that just broke my heart a little right? Lol.

  2. Oh my gosh - I had no idea there were so many series featuring football!! And - YES to Varsity Blues (which I feel like was more of an inspiration for the TV show FNL than the actual FNL book or movie). And - I literally think FNL was the best TV series I've ever watched. period. But, I wasn't a huge fan of the book! Total reverse of the way I usually feel.

    1. Me neither! Some I've read and others are on my list.I totally agree with the whole Varsity Blues thing and FLN is the best! My favorite show hands down.

  3. YAY!! It's finally here!! This post is so awesome, Monica; I love that you have all of these series that are centered around football stories. I hope you're ready for tonight's season opener; I've already got treats in the kitchen and my fantasy team is lined up. Enjoy, my friend!

    1. Thanks Tara and yes I'm so ready! I'm so torn tonight though because I love the Steelers but Brady and Edelman are on my fantasy team! Enjoy your sweet treats.

    2. You must be very happy with your fantasy picks. Both Brady and my boy IncrEdelman (as we Pats fans call him) had stellar games.

  4. Oh yes!! Having Gronk would've made it amazing though lol