Kids Corner [4] Winter Preview: The Santa Shimmy by Christianne Jones

The Santa Shimmy by Christianne Jones, Illustrator Emma Randall
Published: August 1, 2015
Publisher: Capstone
Format: via publisher
Rating: 5/5

Shimmy and shake like Santa in this interactive holiday board book. The rhyming text and energetic art will keep kids (and adults!) moving and laughing in anticipation of the holiday season.
For ages 0-2. From the Holiday Jingles series.

My Thoughts
I do children’s reviews from time to time and I have my little cousins read the books and get their views on them. When I received this Christmas book I knew my little cousin Viv would love it! So here’s Viv’s take and mine on The Santa Shimmy.

Viv: She loved it because she loves Christmas, Santa and dancing. She thought the book was super cute and she had me read it a few times and says she will read it again and again when it gets cold. She also said she will read it to her new baby brother so she can tell him all about Santa Claus.

Me: I thought it was the most adorable Christmas book I’ve ever seen. It’s colorful and very enjoyable not to mention the illustrations are so cute! While it says it for ages 0-2 Viv is 5 and loved it! I think it’s for all ages. I love that it’s a series and from the looks of the others I think the whole series is awesome. I’m thinking of getting them all since she found it so great. This is one series I know every kid should have for the holidays!

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