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Ready to Reach [Nashville #1] by Inglath Cooper
Published:October 4th 2012
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
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Ever thought a dream might pass you by?
Nineteen-year old CeCe Mackenzie is determined to make her dreams come true. She heads for Nashville with not much more to her name than a guitar, a Walker Hound named Hank Junior and an old car she’d inherited from her grandma called Gertrude. But when Gertrude ends up on the side of I-40 in flames, Nashville has never seemed farther away. Help arrives in the form of two Georgia football players headed for the Nashville dream as well. When Holden Ashford and Thomas Franklin stop to offer CeCe and Hank Junior a ride, fate may just give a nod to serendipity and meant to be. Because while CeCe is chasing after her dream, she might find love as well.
New Adult Romance where “the characters are so alive you can almost hear them next to you.”

RITA AWARD WINNING AUTHOR INGLATH COOPER writes books that aim to give her readers a mini-vacation. A stretch of time during which they can visit other places and other people’s lives. Her books have reached the top 100 Amazon Kindle Bestseller list, with Truths and Roses hitting #11.

Inglath Cooper’s Nashville series became a reality after she spent time in Music City, writing lyrics with other songwriters. She fell in love with the community and gets to revisit regularly through her characters.

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. . .It’s a full truck with the four of us. My shoulders are pressed up against both guys, and I try to make myself smaller by hunching over.
Mountain Guy throws the truck in gear, checks the side mirror and guns onto the highway. “Reckon we oughta know your name,” he says.
“CeCe,” I answer. “CeCe MacKenzie.”
“CeCe MacKenzie,” he sings back with a country twang. “Got a nice little rhyme to it.”
“What’s yours?” I ask, aware that I will now have to quit calling him Mountain Guy.
“Thomas Franklin.”
“You don’t look like a Thomas,” I say.
“I get that a lot.”
“I’m sorry,” I start to apologize.
“Hey, no problem. My folks wanted the world to take me seriously, so they never gave in on the Tom, Tommy thing.”
“Oh. Makes sense.”
“Attitude over there is Holden Ashford.”
“Hey,” Holden says without looking at me. He’s still wearing the dark glasses, and I wonder if his eyes are as unfriendly as his voice.
“Hey,” I reply, matching my tone to his.
“Where you from, CeCe?” Thomas asks, shooting a glance my way.
“Georgia,” he says, waving a hand at himself and then Holden.
“Let me guess,” Holden says. “You wanna be a singer?”
“I am a singer,” I shoot back.
I can’t be sure because of the glasses, but I’d swear he rolled his eyes. “What about the two of you? You headed to Nashville to be plumbers or something?”
Thomas laughs a deep laugh that fills up the truck. “Heck, no. I sing. He writes and plays guitar.”
“That’s why he takes himself so seriously.” The words are out before I can think to stop them.
“Matter of fact, it is,” Thomas says, another laugh rolling from his big chest.
“Up yours,” Holden says without looking at either of us. I’m not sure if he’s talking to Thomas or to me.