Mini Review: What She Really Wants by Barbara Delinsky

What She Really Wants by Barbara Delinsky
Published: May 5, 2015
Format: free Kindle read
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Rating: 4/5

Is it really the thought that counts? Sarah Markham loves her husband Tom. They've been married for eighteen happy years, but on some level, she worries that he doesn't see her as she really is. And nowhere is this more evident than in his gift giving. It's not for any lack of love--Tom adores Sarah and spends lavishly--but he never quite surprises her with the perfect something. Enough. This year, when their anniversary rolls around, Sarah tells him, "I want you to think and to look at me and to see who I really am and what I really want." Can Tom rise to the challenge? Will he be able to get Sarah what she really wants?

My Thoughts
Now this is how a short story should be! It reads like a full and complete story and one I really enjoyed. It shows that sometimes what we want are the simple things in life, not the most expensive and out of this world gifts. We see that if we pay close attention we can come up with the best gifts that one could ask for.

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  1. This looks cute, Monica! I'm going to have to find it on my Kindle and read it. Thanks for sharing it!