Day 15 of 25 Days of Christmas Reviews: The Red Mittens by Jaime Sommers

This weekend I recently babysat my little cousin and she wanted me to read her a bedtime story. I quickly looked up some cute Christmas-y short reads for my Kindle and I thought I would share some the ones my cousin enjoyed!

The Red Mittens by Jaime Sommers
Published: November 21, 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Format: Free Kindle read
Rating: 5/5

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wore a pair of warm, woolly red mittens. In her soul lived the spirit of giving. Armed with no more than an open heart, she changes the lives of those less fortunate, and in doing so, receives a gift much greater than the ones she had already given. Join Annie next to the Christmas tree while she listens to her Grandmother tell the tale of 'The Red Mittens'. A holiday story for all ages, The Red Mittens shares the lessons of kindness and love for others.

My Thoughts
This is one that all kids should read. It shows in my opinion the real spirit of Christmas. It shows what really is important, it isn’t the material things but that giving to others truly is much more rewarding than receiving. This story will truly touch your soul and brings all the magic that is Christmas.

Here are the other reads that I found for the kiddies!

All of these are super cute and my cousin found them very funny and enjoyed them a lot especially the Disney book, a Frozen fan of course!

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