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Q: What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover, eBooks, Paperback etc?

A: Well to be honest I like them all, although I like them for different reasons.

Hardback: Because they look pretty on my bookshelf.

E-books: Although I said I would never get a E-reader I LOVE my Kindle! These things can be dangerous to my book buying habit.  Honestly how many of us can get little trigger happy? It makes it so easy to just click and buy a book.

Paperback: If I just HAVE to have a physical copy of a book this is the cheapest way to go. Plus in my opinion it’s the easiest. They are light and easy to carry, just throw it in your bag and go.

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  1. Ha! I swore the same thing and I can't believe how much I love my Kindle too! That one click buy button is going to get me in serious trouble though LOL. Happy Friday! Old follower

    Meredith’s Musings

  2. Hopping through. I bought my parents a Nook even though they said they'd never use one. Within a month they bought a second one for my mother and live off of it.
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  3. I just love the look on people's faces when they see my bookshelf. They literally ooh and ah over the hardcovers, but who wouldn't blame them? They're so pretty! The only downside is that they're so expensive! And eBooks are sometimes waaaaaaay more practical than the physical copies! New follower btw!(:
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  4. I love having the physical copies, but eBooks are so much more convenient!
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  5. New reader! :) I love your blog. http://a-bookaholic-reader.blogspot.com

  6. Agreed! They all have their pros and cons. :)

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  7. The kindle is seriously wonderful and dangerous! We won't even talk about how many books I have on there I haven't read yet! I'm a Southern book blogger too and already a Bloglovin follower. Here's my FF post for this week-hope you'll follow back.

  8. Good answer. Happy weekend :)

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  9. I totally agree - I used to avoid ebooks, but now I have a Kindle, I can't stop buying them! It's like an addiction!

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    Emma @ From the Writer’s Nest

  10. Just started following you via GFC :) I like the caption of your blog - I rarely ever find a book that I don't like either!

    tina @ pagesofcomfort.blogspot.com

  11. I've got a kindle also and am slowly getting accustomed to it. Since you like ebooks feel free to join the giveaway

  12. eReaders have been winning due to the multitude of books I can carry...

    Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

  13. Helloooo! Great answer. :D

    I do still love paperbacks, and always will. I love seeing them, smelling them and being around them. They bring me calm. When e-readers came out I was totally against them, but now? I don't mind so much. It makes my life easier especially when one is reviewing (where highlighting is concerned), but if I've truly loved a book, I will also purchase said book in paperback. I have to own it - physically!

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    Happy Friday!
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  14. Kindle's are dangerous! I spend a lot of money in just a short amount of time on books. It's a conveniently fast and easily accessible way to obtain them which is great and all but I still prefer to carry around paperbacks. I also love my bookshelves :) Great FF!

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  15. I don't go anywhere without my Kindle! I only converted earlier this year. I've always loved the feel of holding a book in my hands and the smell of a new book. But I reached a point where my husband and I have enough books to need a separate room to store them making my office look like a used book store! I love discovering all the self published writers, and some tend to publish in ebook format only.
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  16. :D I'm like the opposite of everyone else. I've always wanted an eReader even though I like physical books better. ;D

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    Cindy @ In This World of Books..

  17. I prefer hardcovers because I get so annoyed when a paperback comes in the mail dented. Even the smallest dent bothers me so much and I love how hardcovers are harder to damage. New follower :)
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  18. I like all but I prefer physical copies. New follower
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  19. I love my Kindle. 200 books in one handheld device? Don't mind if I do!

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  20. hehe I am the same way with my ereader. I never thought I would want one but once I got it I LOVE it!

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  21. Good answer! I can't even remember the last time I bought an actual paper copy of a book. I don't have a large house so the eBooks solved a lot of space issues for me!

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  22. I totally agree about hardcovers looking pretty on the shelf, yet its so hard to find them in the UK when a lot of the time they just bring out mass market paperbacks. I never thought that I'd buy a kindle but I caved this month and bought one! I love how easy it is to buy a book and not have to wait around for delivery (I'm very impatient when it comes to books) Old Follower, have a nice weekend!

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  23. That is a plus with kindle ebooks- the click and it is yours. So easy to use!
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