Review: All I Want by Jolene Perry, Kaylee Baldwin and Rachael Anderson

All I Want by Jolene Perry, Kaylee Baldwin and Rachael Anderson

Published: November 2012
Format: Kindle read
Rating: 4/5

This is my favorite time of the year. While many people don't like the holidays I LOVE them. I love the baking, shopping and wrapping. I enjoy Christmas movies and cheesy holiday tunes. Most of all I love seasonal reads. So I went searching for some good ones to enjoy this holiday season. In the next days I'll be reviewing a few of my holiday reads.

All I Want is one of these. It's three short stories from some wonderful writers. All three stories have the elements of love, hope and holiday magic. I'm a sucker for a cute love story and all three have this.

In Pretty Near Perfect by Jolene Perry 
Norah decides to spend the holiday with her dead fiance's family. While she has started to move on, his family hasn't. She starts to wonder if it was the right idea to go or not when she meets Collin. Collin is her fiance's brothers roommate. He helps her relaxed and they eventually fall for each other. They try to hold off on their feelings for respect of the family but sometimes the heart wants what it wants. Like all things though things get in the way.

In Six Days of Christmas by Kaylee Baldwin
Natalie goes home for Christmas with her best friend in spite the fact she has a deadline to meet for work. When her best friends brother comes home he's not the "little" brother she remembered. Though she has a boyfriend, she starts the have feelings for her best friends brother. Who will she pick boyfriend whom she shares the same life goals as? Or the one guy who makes her laugh and makes her realize it's ok to enjoy life?

Twist of Fate by Rachael Anderson
Sometimes you can't explain everything. Sometimes things are simply brought together by fate. That's what happens when Tyler McKenzie and McKenzie Taylor become neighbors and friends. Their mail always gets mixed up and in the process Ty gets Mckenzie's postcard from her fiancee...who's dumping her right before the wedding. So Ty decides not to tell McKenzie and ruin her fave holiday...Christmas. In the process both realize they have feeling for one another but can Mckenzie forgive Ty?

While all three are great I must say my faves were the first two. Both just really spoke to me. While they aren't connecting stories they all flow easily to one another. If you want a cute quick holiday read full of love then this one is for you. This is one holiday read that's so worth it.

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