My Holiday Reads

I'm totally in my mode right now. I LOVE Christmas! Even though I live in Tx and it's not the ideal place when you think of winter I enjoy it all the same. I love watching Xmas movies...some of my faves... The Family Stone, The Holiday and Love Actually. I enjoy baking though I can't cook to save my life. I even love being around my crazy family.

My favorite thing to do though is getting cozy and reading a good seasonal read. I got a bunch of free Kindle reads plus I bought a few. I haven't read them all but I thought I would share a few I did read.

Why I took this long to read it I'll never know. It had me laughing and wanting a red notebook and my very own Dash.
Three very cute stories about the magic of Christmas and love. Gives you hope and that love has a way of showing up in the most unlikely places.

Three amazing writers and I love how all the stories sort of all tie together in the end.

The story of forgiveness and redemption. That they are still good people in the world who are always willing to give you a second chance in life.

Cute childrens story. A talking Christmas tree showing kids the true meaning of Christmas and living a full and meaningful life.

This will be my final post of the year. Going to take time off to relax and spend it with family. Can't wait to see what the new year brings and can't wait for all the fab reads we all will share in 2013.



  1. Love Actually is one of my favourite Christmas films! My friends and I try to watch it every year. These collections look fun - Let It Snow sounds great, and I like the idea of the stories coming together at the end!

    1. I LOVE Love Actually! let It Snow is one good holiday read.