Day 7 of 12 Days of Christmas: Children's Christmas reads

During my holiday reads I like to look for children’s books that I think will be entertaining for the little ones and I found three I thought you might what to check out for the kiddos.

The Warm-Hearted Snowman by Sigal Adler
This is a tale about a friendship between a snowman and rabbit and how the magical sense of Christmas means everything. I really enjoyed this cute read and the illustrations are so beautiful! My little cousin really loved this book. A cute read with a great message.

Snowflake and Christmas by Ezra Monson
I must admit this cover got me, I’m a sucker for a cute cover and I was so happy that the book was just as amazing! This is the story of Snowflake and her wanting to know everything about Christmas. She soon finds out that its true meaning is being together and the love we have for one another.

Santa Ate my Gingerbread House by Mark I. Sutherland
This is the tale of Tommy who loves Christmas more than everything but when Santa mistakenly eats his gingerbread house Tommy is determined to be the naughtiest boy ever. This was an okay read for me mainly because I found Tommy to be a snotty kid. My little cousin also said she didn’t like Tommy either because he was just plain mean.

I hope you check out any of these reads, these were all free kindle reads when I got them so hopefully, they still are so you can check them out as well.

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