Mini Review: Untouched by Melody Grace

Untouched [Beachwood Bay 0.5] by Melody Grace
Published: May 12, 2013
Rating: 4/5

Welcome to Beachwood Bay: the small town where passion and romance are making waves…

Emerson Ray is trouble. Juliet knows it the minute she lays eyes on Beachwood Bay's resident bad boy. Forced to spend her summer before college in the sleepy beach town, she never expected to crash into the most devastating guy she's ever met--or for Emerson's blue eyes to strip through her dark secrets, and make her feel a desire she's never known. Their connection is undeniable, but Juliet is torn. She knows, once she gives him everything, there'll be no turning back.

Juliet McKenzie is dangerous. Emerson can tell from the way she blows through all his defenses, laying bare the demons he's carried alone all his life. He's left a trail of broken hearts and empty beds in his wake, but Juliet is different. Her innocence is intoxicating--and the passion she keeps hidden, just below the surface. He wants to be the only one to set it free, but with every kiss, he's closer to losing control and doing the one thing he swore he never would: fall in love.

One summer. Two damaged hearts. Their story is only just beginning...

My Thoughts
I’ve had this series sitting in my Kindle for over a year now so I thought why not start it, I’m so glad I did this is one series that I’ve got hooked on and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

Untouched is a novella, a little of what’s to come in the Beachwood Bay series. This is where we met and where we find out how Emerson and Juliet come together. We find out Emerson is a bad boy of sorts who loves the ladies and uses that to mask the life he has at home. Juliet has come to Beachwood Bay with her family to try to reconnect and have a summer like they use to when she was younger, however little does she know her family has more troubles and heartache to come. Emerson doesn’t believe in love, he doesn’t have the time or actually believes he deserves forever with someone until he meets Juliet who is different from any girl from his past. They fit together like no one has before but as much as they do forces beyond them will try and keep them apart. Will it be the trouble in their lives that keep them apart or will it be them and their hang ups that cost the most damage?

I love this intro into their lives; it didn’t give away too much but just enough to make you want more of Emerson and Juliet. I loved how we get the romance but their individual stories of their families and backgrounds are just as intriguing and gives us a glimpse of what’s in store. This is how an intro to a new series should be done.

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