Mini Review: Tangled Vines by Melissa Collins

Tangled Vines by Melissa Collins
Publication: September 21, 2014
Format: free Kindle read
Rating: 3.5/5

Fate has a funny way of twisting together the lives of people who are destined to be connected, but just don’t know it yet. One phone call.  That’s all it took to change Owen Carmichael’s life forever. One meeting.  That’s all it took to turn Elle Blackwell’s life around. Tangled, like the vines of the winery they both seek to control, will they realize they work better together than as enemies?

My Thoughts
The classic tale of two people whom dislike each other from the start, but you know are bond to fall in love by the end. Owen’s life has always been just him and his mother and his father was never around, until one day he gets a letter saying his father has passed away. Owen doesn’t want anything to go with him but decides to see what’s going on. He finds out his father was rich and left him half his business a vineyard.

Elle was Owen’s father protégé and she saw him as a father figure and mentor who taught her everything about business. When he passed away she was surprised he left her the other half of the business. When the two come together they dislike each other from the get go. Elle has her own ideas about the business and Owen doesn’t want anything to do with it. However as much as they hate each other they can’t help but to be attracted to each other. So will lust and feelings get in the way or will their dislike for one other be deep enough to keep them apart? While a bit predicable I found this enjoyable. This story has great scenery and characters that definitely have great chemistry.

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