Mini Review: The Promise by Tiffani Trawick

The Promise by Tiffani Trawick
Published: December 5, 2014
Format: free Kindle read
Rating: 4/5

At twenty-seven, Alicia Clark is a career woman on track to marry and have a family before turning thirty, but she still yearns for more out of life. She yearns for something that she felt long ago.

After years of soul-searching, Jason, twenty-nine, is in the midst of having his world turned upside down, but he can’t continue life without the girl that stole his heart on the first day of high school. This story is one that tests the strength of past love. Is Alicia and Jason’s love for one another strong enough to overcome the past heartbreak and present obstacles that stand in their way?

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed this short read. Alicia is a girl who has always done what was expected of her so when she thinks she has all her life figured out and then runs into her ex-boyfriend her life flips outside down. She has a boyfriend but when she sees Jason again she realizes she never got over her first love. I love that she follows her heart and for once follows her own path. While not everything is picture perfect can their love conquer it all? I for one was rooting for them because who doesn’t love those who are lucky enough to find their soul mates? This is a great love story and one that gives you a quick break from everyday life.

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