Mini Review: The Glass Case by Kristin Hannah

The Glass Case by Kristin Hannah
Expected Publication: November 11, 2011
Format: via kindle free read
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Rating: 4/5

April Bannerman is a young mother of three, married to her high school sweetheart, living in the same small town in which she grew up. Although she loves her children and husband, April is plagued by the growing doubt that she has not lived up to her mother's expectations for her--until one day when something terrible and unexpected happens, and April must face the truth about her own life and discover what really matter.

My Thoughts
I will admit I might be biased since I am a huge fan of Kristin Hannah’s writing. I think she writes such amazing heartfelt stories about friends, family and love. Although The Glass Case is a short novella this read is no different.

It focuses on April as she faces how her life has turned out and reminiscing about her past. She had her children young and is worrying if her life is at all what she thought it would be. She does not regret her children but she knows her mother wanted more for her, and now that she has passed she wonders if her mother would be upset with the choices she made. One day one of her children goes missing and during that time the tragedy makes thing come into focus. She realizes that regardless of what happens you will always love your kids, that the fights and misunderstandings don’t mean a thing while it all comes down to it. Something magical happens or some might say they saw it coming but everything turns out okay. This novella while short packs as much emotions and love as any of Kristin Hannah’s full blow books.  

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