Mini Review: Friendkeeping by Julie Klam

Friendkeeping: A Field Guide to the People You Love, Hate, and Can't Live Without
by Julie Klam
Expected Publication: October 25, 2012
Format: ARC from publisher
Publisher: Riverhead

Rating: 4/5

With her inimitable wit and disarming warmth, Julie Klam shares with us her experiences, advice, and insight in Friendkeeping, a candid, hilarious look at some of the most meaningful and enjoyable relationships in our lives: our friendships. Klam relays a mix of brand-new and time-tested wisdom—she finds that longtime friends really can grow up without growing apart; that communication is key; that friendship is one of life’s great, free sources of happiness; that you’re not a friend, just a doormat, if you don’t get back what you give—and her discoveries range from amusing to deeply important.
Charming, bracingly honest, and compulsively readable, Friendkeeping is an irresistible book, a treat that you’ll want to share with your best friends right away. Brimming with keen observations and laugh-out-loud moments, it’s delivered in the lively, accessible voice that Julie Klam’s readers have come to know and love.

My Thoughts
 I found this book light, heart-warming and funny. While reading it I totally agreed with some of things she said and felt. I connected with this because I find myself doing [or not] some of things she talks about doing towards her friends. I personally havent been the greatest friend at times either so I get what she was saying. This book is for anyone who wants to read a quick and funny outlook at one of life's greatest relationships...friendships. 

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