Mini Review: When We Fell In Love by Eileen Cruz Coleman

When We Fell in Love by Eileen Cruz Coleman
Published: June 15, 2017
Format: free Kindle read
Rating: 3/5

Katie and Ben fell hopelessly in love when they were only nineteen and quickly settled into the idyllic life in the small coastal town of Solomons Island. Ten years later, their perfect life of morning talks on the porch and sunset strolls by the bay starts to unravel when a secret Katie buried long ago resurfaces and threatens to tear her and Ben apart. Now, Katie must decide whether to tell Ben the truth about her past and risk losing the man she loves, or to bury her secret again and risk losing both their lives.

My Thoughts
When We Fell in Love is the story of Ben and Katie and how they fell in love. I thought it was a cute read seeing how they met and how they got together but there seems to be something and someone dark from Katie’s past that has come back and is determined to get her back. I did like this short story but when it came to Katie’s past it just felt rushed all of a sudden. I wanted more of an insight into that but it was rushed towards the ending and I kind of felt cheated. Overall it was an okay read that kind of left me hanging.

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