Mini Review: The Beach House by Lisa Herrington

The Beach House by Lisa Herrington
Published: July 17, 2016
Publisher: West Street Publishing
Format: free Kindle read
Rating: 3/5

A place to mend your heart.  The beach house has been in the Craig family for generations along with their secret lemon cookie recipe. Caroline returns for her son’s birthday because this is the place for family fun, laughter, and memories. When tragedy envelops the family, it will take more than sunlit days at the beach to set things right. Caroline’s son, Christopher, has a secret with the power to heal her heart, but it will take someone outside of the Craig family to pull them all together and fill the beach house with love, laughter and the scent of lemon cookies once more.

My Thoughts
I thought The Beach House was a sweet short story of mending after a loss. After the loss of her son, Caroline didn’t think she could move on, but she did it for Christopher who was always about family and love. The only thing that can bring her alive again is her granddaughter, Christopher’s daughter in her she sees him and that makes life worth living. This read shows how while a loss is hard life does move on and it’s the small treasures that make it less hard.

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