Review: The Heartbroken Heartbreaker by Sam Madison

The Heartbroken Heartbreaker by Sam Madison
Format: via Wattpad
Rating: 4/5

When Kyla Evans was dumped by her best friend-slash-boyfriend, Cedric, she was devastated. Convinced that her whole life came tumbling down, she promised that she would definitely get back at him, seeking nothing but revenge.

She abandoned her glasses and sweatshirts, determined to make Cedric regret ever dumping her. What she wants: Revenge. How she’s planning to get it: By going out with the school’s biggest player; the person her ex-boyfriend loathes the most—
Seth Everett.

My Thoughts
The Heartbroken Heartbreaker was the first book in a long time that gave me the “feels.” Oh, how I fell and rooted for Kyla and Seth! Kyla has just been dumped out of the blue by her boyfriend Cedric and determined to not let it get her down she plans to move on. So when Cedric’s enemy Seth starts talking to her she decides this is her way to get back at her ex. Cedric and Seth can't stand each other and Kyla doesn’t know why exactly but that doesn’t matter cause all she wants is revenge, at first she doesn’t like Seth much either but slowly she finds out he isn’t as bad as she has always thought he was.

I found Seth to be a sweet and good guy and his relentless pursuit of Kyla just made me root for him more and more. I felt Kyla was so blind in trying to get her ex’s attention that she didn’t see what was in front of her until it was too late. I also loved how there were other stories besides the whole Kyla and Seth will they or won't they storyline. We see why Cedric hates Seth so much and how all that comes full circle will the three of them. We also see how family life has affected everyone evolved and how all of that connects story wise.

This was my first time reading from Wattpad and I found the site wonderful with amazing stories so I highly recommend using the app if you haven’t already. The Heartbroken Heartbreaker is a great coming of age read one that will relive how first love and heartache can feel, definitely a read that I hope you will enjoy as much as I did.


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