Cover Reveal: Random Acts by Erica Spindler

Random Acts by Erica Spindler
Publishing: May 2017

Random Acts Synopsis
One dead queen.  
Three bizarre acts of violence.  
No visible connection between the crimes.

Michaela Dee Dare, newly minted detective for the New Orleans PD, is called to a Garden District mansion—someone’s decided to bludgeon a former Queen of Carnival to death with her own scepter.

Even as the investigative pieces begin to fall into place and they close in on a perpetrator, something’s not adding up for Micki.  It’s too easy, the crime too random. But what’s a rookie detective to do when her seasoned partner doesn’t agree with her?

Betting on her instinct and gambling with her future in the NOPD, Micki strikes out on her own, pulling at strings that reveal an evil that chills her to her core—and may cost her everything she holds dear.

Set in New Orleans’ most iconic neighborhoods, this exciting prequel to The Lightkeepers —a series lauded as ‘enthralling’ and ‘not to be missed’—introduces tough, likable heroine Micki ‘Mad Dog’ Dare, and foreshadows the thrill-packed journey to come.

Detective Michaela Dee Dare’s stomach growled. Loudly. One of those deep rumbles that would’ve been heard clear to the back of church on a packed Sunday morning. If she went to church.
Micki had given up church and praying to an invisible father for help a long time ago. Now she put her faith in the tangible. Her own skills. The gun at her hip, the shield that gave her the power to protect herself.
These days, she would not go down without one hell of a fight.
Lessons learned the hard way.
Up ahead, the blue lights of a lone cruiser flashed in front of a big-ass mansion. She’d pulled a temporary assignment in the Second District.  Highest priced real estate in New Orleans. Ritzy-titzyville.
She usually worked the Ninth District. Not quite down on its luck, not quite middle class. Which suited her just fine. People who dealt with real life every day; people who knew who they were and where they belonged.
Here, the phony-factor ran high. Real high. Sort of like the crazy club she’d grown up in. Mama’s narcissism, Aunt Jo’s desperation. Grandma Roberta’s complete denial of reality.
And her Uncle Beau’s voice in her ear, deep and round from a third scotch: “Come, Michaela, let’s play a little game of make-believe.”
Micki shoved that memory deep into the dark recesses. The place the monsters lived. They came out to play sometimes, but rarely by the light of day.  No, it was the night they preferred.
She reached the scene, parking behind the lone cruiser. Police tape stretched across the entrance to the building, blending weirdly with the purple, green, and gold Mardi Gras swags adorning the columned mansion’s facade. Tinsel wreaths of the same colors hung on the double doors, waving in the breeze like sparkling fingers.
The toot of a horn startled her and she glanced in her rearview. A man climbing out of his vehicle. Her partner—like her assignment, temporary.
Her first impression was of an aging goodfella, softening around the edges but still intimidating. “Carmine Angelo,” he said, holding out a beefy hand.
“Micki Dare.”
He smiled, a big toothy grin that changed him from crime boss to somebody’s daddy. “You’re new to the Detective Bureau.”
“I am.” They fell into step together. “Promoted the first of the year.”
“Thanks. What do you know about the vic?” she asked.
“Besides that she was rich and now she’s dead? Nada.”
They reached the first officer; Angelo greeted him by name. “Chuckles, good to see you, man.  What do we have?”
“One Vivianne Stanley, found beaten to death in her Queen’s room.”  At Micki’s raised eyebrow, he added, “You know, Mardi Gras Royalty.”
They entered the mansion, reached the queen’s room. It was essentially an office—except for the eye-catching, life-size display: Queen’s garb—beaded gown, faux fur stole, and other glittering memorabilia. So eye-catching, in fact, Micki almost missed the real deal.
Vivianne Stanley, sprawled on the floor, circled by a pool of blood.

Praise for The Lightkeepers Series

THE FINAL SEVEN is an expertly plotted crime drama with some supernatural flare and a dash of romance for good measure. 

Edgy and charged with atmosphere, The Final Seven is exactly what a supernatural thriller should be: a battle royale for the human soul. Spindler knows her stuff. 
– Laura Benedict, author of Charlotte's Story and Bliss House

"Erica Spindler has long been an innovator, but she's created something truly special with this debut in her new thriller series, THE FINAL SEVEN. Engrossing, exciting, and genuinely scary, Spindler takes you on a relentless ride that doesn't let up until the last line. I can't wait to read the next The Lightkeepers installment featuring Detectives Michaela Dare and Zach Harris - Spindler has created a partnership for the ages." 
– J.T. Ellison, NYT bestselling author of WHAT LIES BEHIND 

About Erica
Erica Spindler is the New York Times and International Chart bestselling author of thirty-three novels and three eNovellas. Published around the globe, she has been called the “The Master of Addictive Suspense” and “Queen of the Romantic Thriller.” 

The Lightkeepers is Erica’s first series, something she’s wanted to do for years. All she was waiting for was the right characters. She found them in Micki Dare, reformed southern belle turned kick-ass cop, and Zach “Hollywood” Harris, a charming bad boy with some very cool, save-the-world skills. 

Erica splits her writing time between her New Orleans area home, her favorite coffee shop, and a lakeside writing retreat. She’s married to her college sweetheart, has two sons and the constant companionship of Roxie, the wonder retriever. 

Erica is currently at home in New Orleans, writing Micki and Zach’s next adventure, FALLEN FIVE. 

Learn more about Erica online at www.ericaspindler.com or join the conversation on Facebook at Erica Spindler, Author. 

Connect With Erica Spindler
Website: http://www.ericaspindler.com/  

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