Review: Driving Lessons by Zoe Fishman

Driving Lessons by Zoe Fishman  
Expected Publication: April 8, 2014
Publisher: William Morrow
Challenges: NetGalley/Edelweiss
Rating: 4/5
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When Sarah and her husband trade in a crowded commute, cramped apartment, and high stress New York City jobs for life the slow lane in Farmwood, VA, the pressure is on to have a baby. At thirty-six Sarah knows it's time to get started, but the urgency motivating her to reach this pinnacle of self-fulfillment looms large. Meanwhile, her best friend Mona, a single and successful editor who's always wanted children, is diagnosed with cervical cancer. At the same time, Sarah's younger and seemingly perfect sister-in-law has just given birth to her son, Franklin. When Sarah uproots her new life with her husband in Virginia to return to New York and care for Mona, the three women will help each other navigate their new realities.

My Thoughts
When I first saw the title I must admit I was very curious to see where this book would take me. I was taken from the very start with Sarah and her husband who were starting a new phase of their lives. They were ready or so if seems to move to new place but Sarah didn’t seem so sure of it. At first I was a little taken aback by Sarah’s attitude of the south. Granted her views from moving from New York to small town in Virginia were valid somewhat I still thought she had a snobby attitude.

However the title was the perfect view on her new life. She literally had to take driving lessons seeing how she never had to drive before in NYC. But it also took on a new meaning in how her life was going. She was learning to drive in new directions as far as her life meant. She had to decide if she really wanted and was ready kids, because her husband was. She was dealing with adult issues as far as helping her best friend deal with cancer. Then realizing her sister in law didn’t have it all together was Sarah always thought she did.

This book is perfect for any female who is dealing with life changing issues. We always think that the grass is greener on the other side when in reality everyone has things they are dealing with. Sometimes we need to break down those walls we’ve built up and conquer our fears because we never know what joy there is on the other side. Hardships and challenges are a part of life and we all need go through them in order to accomplish our goals. This book is the best example in realizing we are not alone in these fears, we just never talk about them. Life has its ups and downs but friendship and love can always make those things a little better.

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