Promo Post: The Days Lost by Shannon McCrimmon

The Days Lost by Shannon McCrimmon
Release Date: December 10, 2013
Age Group: YA
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Action & Adventure
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Book Description
On the heels of her high school graduation, Ellie Morales is spending her summer vacation in the mountains of Western North Carolina with her dad and brother, Jonah. Having lost their mother only months earlier, all of them are trying to cope with the loss in their own way.

Part routine, part escape, running is Ellie's way of dealing with her grief. Shortly after sunrise each morning, Ellie and her dog, Bosco, set out for a lengthy run on the path that passes by her house and leads deep into the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains. One fateful morning, Ellie is lead off of the trail and discovers a secret that will change her life, as well as the lives of the family she meets, forever. One member of this mysterious family is Sam Gantry, who seems unlike any guy she's ever known.

This meeting sparks a series of events, causing Ellie to question everything she's ever known and believed. The more she learns about Sam and his family, the more she wants to help him find the missing puzzle pieces.

“Your looks will go away when you get old and haggard but a big heart won't wither.” 
I wish society placed more of an emphasis on inner beauty because how kind we are to others, how good of a person we are, those are the things that should matter, not if we have perfect hair or a flat stomach.

“Faith is blind, and so is love.”  
I think when we first fall in love with someone, we fail to see their faults because we're so caught up in the euphoria of being in love.

“I would do anything to be with you. You are my passion.”  
To me, this is incredibly sexy, the ultimate compliment a man could give a woman.

“I want to run in the rain with you, and kiss you at my front door, and then wait for your call the minute I get inside.” 
I love this statement. It exudes that feeling of first time love—the butterflies in your stomach, I can't get enough of you type of feeling.

About the Author
I'm a Florida native who currently resides in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband and toy poodle. When I'm not writing, I can be found drinking Earl Grey tea with honey and cream, singing ineptly and butchering the lyrics to my favorite songs, and asking my friends ridiculous, hypothetical scenario-based questions.

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