Review: Angel by Mary E. Kingsley

Angel by Mary E. Kingsley
Published: November 14, 2011
Format: Free Kindle book
Publisher: Little Falls Press
Rating: 4/5

 Summary via Goodreads
Thirteen year old Angel Bishop is fed up with all the unanswered questions about her life, like why did her daddy run off when she was just a baby? And why has her Aunt Patsy, the only family member she feels she can talk to, been locked up in a place for crazy people all these years? It seems to Angel like her family fell apart right after she was born, which makes her wonder what her coming along had to do with it.

Growing up with her mother, Ruth, who is often distant and preoccupied, and her Bible-thumping grandmother, Naomi, Angel is certain there’s more to the story than she’s been told. When her father, Calvin, telephones out of the blue one evening and says he’s coming home for Thanksgiving, Angel thinks her dream of having a normal family is finally going to come true. Instead, she finds herself at the center of a dangerous scenario, threatened by secrets far beyond her understanding.

Set in a small Appalachian town in the early 1970’s, Angel is the compelling story of an innocent girl as the unwitting link between the two generations of her family’s dark and unresolved past.

My Thoughts
This was one of the very first books I ever downloaded into my Kindle. I must have had this in there for like two years before I ever read it. This is the story of Angel and her crazy and odd family. Her family has been M.I.A. since she was a baby, with no one ever saying why.

What plays out is a series of buried secrets that most want to keep that way. But Angel is determined to find out the truth, even if it knocks her and the rest of her family to its core.

It’s a wonderful yet gritty story of girl trying to find out who she really is, and why things are the way they are. I loved that it’s set in the Appalachian setting something I find so interesting.

A story of family, secrets and at the end revealing that the truth really does in fact set you free. Mary E. Kingsley is a wonderful writer whose characters are interesting and with a storyline that will keep you engaged.


  1. This sounds like a really good read, but I would have to be in the right mood to read it. Thanks for the review!

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. I'm like that with certain books too.

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