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Today we have the blog tour for CL Stacey’s Plan B! Check it out and grab your copy today.
Title: Plan B
Author: CL Stacey
Genre: Contemporary Romance
About Plan B:
Every tick of the clock takes something away.
Aryn Andrews is a single father doing the best he can under the circumstances.
When you meet the one you love, you plan for everything but the end—especially an end that comes too soon. After losing his wife during childbirth, Aryn vowed to be the kind of father that his daughter, Ayli, could be proud of. Every decision he makes is to ensure her happiness.
Bethany Michaelson is a victim of life.
Multiple hardships endured, Bethany never fails to find the silver lining in everything. Gracious, loyal, obedient, but above all, she is strong. All she wants is to change her inevitable fate, but in order to do that she has to be the one thing she isn’t. Brave.
Aryn has learned to accept his loss.
Bethany mourns hers every day.
How do you start over with someone who fears a new beginning?
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Say Love (Lost & Found, #2)

Unlocking the door to my dark home, I push it open and start flipping on lights.
Skipping the rest of my usual routine, I head straight for my room and plop down against the edge of my bed.
A smile tugs at the corners of my mouth when I think back on my day with Ayli. That girl is a huge ball of energy; I’m pooped.
My mind wanders to Carl and Jane, the epitome of perfect parents. I’m not sure how long they’ve been married, but I see how happy they both are, and it makes my heart ache in the best way.
A few times throughout dinner, I noticed the embarrassment on Aryn’s face when his father would joke about something I personally found to be insanely funny. I wonder if he knows how lucky and blessed he truly is.
Being there tonight, at the center of such an intimate setting, I should’ve felt out of place. But it didn’t feel that way at all. They treated me like a cherished member of the family, making the whole night feel like a dream. Like Cinderella at the ball. It made me want things I know are out of my reach. Then I got back into my pumpkin to head back to my much harsher reality.
On my drive home, I thought of the way Aryn’s eyes would catch mine from across the table. Every time I’d look over, there I’d find him, watching me.
Things between us feel different, especially lately.
Caleb was right, and I was wrong.
There is definitely something there. I’ve just been lying to myself all this time.
Needing a reminder of why Aryn and I are a bad idea, I walk over to my closet and pull the unmarked box from the top shelf. Clutching it close to my body, I walk it over to my bed.
Once upon a time, this box used to be filled with memories I’d made with Ben, photos and sentimental items that reflected a much happier time. But, like one does after a breakup, I eventually came to throw away the things I no longer cared to hold onto.
All except for one.
With a shaky hand, I pull the only item the cardboard time capsule now holds. The only item I have left to remember my time with Ben. The only item I could never bring myself to discard.
I stare at the black and white picture with tears in my eyes.
Every tick of the clock takes something away.
Relationships are a fantasy of sorts, a figment of our imagination. They seem promising at first, bleeding you dry of your energy and love, but then they fall apart, leaving nothing but the battle scars you acquire in your fight to the bitterest end.
They say time heals, that over time, you forget, but that’s a lie. When you’re cut deep enough, the pain never truly fades. You will always remember. All of it exists in the furthest, darkest corners of your mind, haunting you.
With a track record like mine, holding on to faith just seems like being led on a merry chase. The last thing I want is to infect someone with my poison, expose them to my curse.
Life and I seem to be rivals. Sometimes it is kind and it gives, but it never forgets to take. No matter how determined I am in my pursuit of happiness, it finds a way to tear me down.
I live a good, honest life, hoping to atone for whatever sins I’m being punished for. I pray every night before I close my eyes and then I wake up in the morning and hope for a good day.
I think back to all the wonderful things Aryn said to me earlier tonight with a sad smile.
Life was kind when bringing that man into my life. I am grateful for it bringing me a friend like him. I have to do everything I can to guarantee he stays in it, and that means ignoring the feelings I feel my heart threatening to develop for him.
Depositing the photo back into the box, I replace the lid with a heavy sigh and close my eyes before saying a small prayer.
About CL Stacey:

CL Stacey is a Florida native, born and raised. She still resides in the Sunshine State with her husband and daughter. Relaxing with any good love story she can get her hands on is her favorite way to end the day.

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