Texas Forever: Hurricane Harvey and Me

August has been a whirl wind of sorts for me. As everyone knows Hurricane Harvey gave us a sucker punch here in Houston. My family and I were blessed that none of us had any damage and we all faired well. Many weren’t so lucky and the devastation is beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. This storm took a toll on our city but in time we will rebuild and it will only make us stronger. I've seen many things online about why the city wasn’t evacuated but I totally agree with how the city handled things. It’s always easy for people to say just leave but seriously how do you think you can move millions of people at once? Trust me I was many of those who tried to leave during Rita and I was stuck on the freeway for a day and a half and only made it to Conroe which normally would be just a 35-minute drive. There were many who wouldn’t have left anyway just because of that nightmare.

What I loved most was the support and out pouring of help from everyone. When I saw people helping strangers and them pulling kids, adults and the elderly out of the flood waters my heart bled. All the bs we deal with on a daily basis was gone and all we wanted to do was survive and help our fellow people. Why can't we think this way all the time? Why does a tragedy have to happen to make us remember we are all the same? I just hope once all the flood waters receded and we all slowly return to “normal” we don’t forget the time we banded together and simply did what was right.

I am slowly trying to get back to the way things were before. Although I wasn’t directly affected things are slowly returning, stores are reopening but there are limits on food and water which is understandable. I'm trying to get back all my sleep which has been hard to do. During the storm, I don’t think I slept for two or three days. I was constantly getting up during the night checking to see if the water was rising on the street. Luckily it didn’t go over the curb plus my house is a good couple of inches off the ground. I had this game plan of reading a couple of books and binge watching The Game of Thrones during the storm, well has soon has the pounding rain started and I realized it wasn’t stopping soon all of that went out the window. I couldn’t concentrate and all I could do was pray. Even now days later I don’t have the passion to read, which is crazy since that’s what I do…I’m a reader! I know in time I will have that urge again but for now, I will just relax and go through things to donate and continue to binge watch Game of Thrones…why didn’t I watch this before??!!

So please bear with me, my blog will suffer a bit as a try to get back to reading again. My spirits will rise again sooner rather than later since it’s my favorite time of year…FOOTBALL SEASON! I will gladly cheer on my Texans and hope for wins which will do so much for the city! Seeing how we are a football state this will be a bright spot for all of us. Also a shout out to our amazing player JJ Watt who has raised so much for our city his support is beyond amazing! We were knocked down but we will raise up again twice as strong and although many have lost everything, everyone can agree at least we still have each other and that’s whats most important.

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