The Wedding Story by Dee Tenorio

The Wedding Story by Dee Tenorio
Published: December 1, 2011
Format: free kindle read
Rating: 3/5

Ruth Anne Barbellis—unhappily nicknamed "Rhubarb" by her lifelong enemy, Bobby Wichowski—is in Wedding Hell. Why? Her sister is marrying Bobby's brother.
 She's trussed up in a bridesmaid dress that must have been designed originally as a Victorian Torture Chamber. To teach them a lesson, she and Bobby have been assigned to the Kiddie Table. And that's only the beginning...

My Thoughts
Ruth and Bobby have grown up together but have always had this hatred for each other, so when Ruth’s sister gets married they are forced to be nice but soon they find out there is something more between them.

This is a classic story of two people who think they despise each other but really it's nothing more than buried feelings for each other that finally come to the surface. This was an okay read nothing special or different but I thought it was funny and the ending was very cute. Definitely a short read at only 50 plus pages but worth it if you want something light.

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