Review: It's Christmas Carol! by Sara-Lisa Andersson

It’s Christmas Carol by Sara-Lisa Andersson
Published: January 8, 2016
Format: free Kindle read
Rating: 5/5

Carol hates Christmas! As far as she is concerned, it is just another Thursday, just another day at work. But during her workday, between 4 PM and midnight on Christmas Day, she is haunted by the kindness of strangers and painful memories as she ponders the true meaning of Christmas - past, present and future.

Who is that man with the big white beard and the jolly laugh? And why does he care if Carol has a nice Christmas or not?
My Thoughts
Carol hates Christmas and tries to avoid all things related to it. However working on Christmas she forced to look back on why she hates the holidays and in doing so she must decide if she wants to overcome her pain and have new great memories or continue to live in the past. I enjoyed this read and was really feeling Carol’s pain in why she hates the holiday but was rooting for her to want to enjoy them again. This is a short but fulfilling tale that makes you believe in the magic of the season.

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  1. This one seems like a great little Christmas read. I love the cozy feeling I get from holiday stories so thanks for the rec!