Review: He Found Me by Whitney Barbetti

He Found Me by Whitney Barbetti
Published: May 17, 2014
Format: free Kindle read
Rating: 4/5

When I was seventeen, I disappeared. I walked out the door of my apartment with a backpack and never looked back. I left the life of Cora Mitchell behind, seeking freedom from my real-life nightmare.

But my freedom came with a cost. I lived a fictitious life for the next six years, never letting anyone close enough to see underneath the fa├žade that was Andra Walker.

I was content with my simple little life.

Until I met Julian.

And the moment I started allowing myself to open up, allowing someone to see through the superficial, was the very same moment the Monster from my past would return to find me.

My Thoughts
In He Found Me we met Cora who has been suffering in the hands of someone we only know as “monster”. One night after years of abuse she decides to run away with some help from her mother’s friend. She goes into hiding and soon resurfaces as Andra in Colorado working at a ranch. Due to all that has happened to her, she doesn’t let people in and her love life is nonexistent.

Everything changes one day when a mysterious writer named Julian soon breaks down her walls and melts her heart like no one has ever before. However, as soon as this happens her life is thrown for a loop as she soon discovers “the monster” is back and is looking for her. She is forced to drop everything and go back into hiding losing the one person she has allowed herself to truly love in years.

I found this read pleasant and I loved the banter and chemistry between Julian and Andra. I love that they are playful and don’t take each other too seriously. The romance is hot and you see that Julian truly loves her. However, that said I personally still find him “too good to be true” I hope I’m wrong about this but time will tell. This is a two book series and I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

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