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Falling by Jane Green
Expected Publication: July 19, 2016
Publisher: Berkley
Rating: 4/5

When Emma Montague left the strict confines of upper-crust British life for New York, she felt sure it would make her happy. Away from her parents and expectations, she felt liberated, throwing herself into Manhattan life replete with a high-paying job, a gorgeous apartment, and a string of successful boyfriends. But the cutthroat world of finance and relentless pursuit of more began to take its toll. This wasn’t the life she wanted either.

On the move again, Emma settles in the picturesque waterfront town of Westport, Connecticut, a world apart from both England and Manhattan. It is here that she begins to confront what it is she really wants from her life. With no job, and knowing only one person in town, she channels her passion for creating beautiful spaces into remaking the dilapidated cottage she rents from Dominic, a local handyman who lives next door with his six-year-old son.

Unlike any man Emma has ever known, Dominic is confident, grounded, and committed to being present for his son whose mother fled shortly after he was born. They become friends, and slowly much more, as Emma finds herself feeling at home in a way she never has before.

But just as they start to imagine a life together as a family, fate intervenes in the most shocking of ways. For the first time, Emma has to stay and fight for what she loves, for the truth she has discovered about herself, or risk losing it all.

In a novel of changing seasons, shifting lives, and selfless love, a story unfolds—of one woman’s far-reaching journey to discover who she is truly meant to be.

My Thoughts
I honestly loved just about everything in Falling, it has many layers in the story but nothing felt overwhelming nor did it feel confusing and that’s what I love about Jane Green novels. We meet Emma who has recently quit her fast paced and high paying job and is now hoping to follow her dreams and become an interior designer. She meets Dom who will soon be her landlord and at first, things are strictly innocent but over time sparks fly and the chemistry is undeniable.

Emma and Dom are true opposites but like they say opposites attract and that’s exactly what happens. Dom is a single dad who is trying to do the best he can ever since his ex walked out as soon as their son was born. She was a party girl who loved it more than her son and Dom. Emma has never been around kids but there is something about Dom’s son that you can’t help but love. Everything is fine until Dom and Emma decide to give it a try as a couple. While his son liked Emma before, it’s a different story when he sees her as a fixture in his home. There are a few bumps in the road in their relationship but both Dom and Emma are determine to fight for their love and not let anything or anyone break them apart.

Everything is going great until one day their lives are changed forever. I won’t spoil it for anyone because this is a story that you have to read. When I came to this point in the story I was left with my mouth open. I couldn’t believe it, I mean I went into reading this story thinking it was about one thing but then I realize this story had a whole other meaning. Falling is the perfect title for this read because it can mean so many things. I understood it as love but love itself has many definitions. It can mean passion and understanding but it can also mean something else so innocent also. Sometimes in life people are brought into our lives for a purpose and reason and I believe Dom as brought into Emma’s not only to love her but to give her something she never expected and those surprises are the best gifts anyone can receive.

       About Jane
Jane Green is the author of seventeen novels, including sixteen New York Times Bestsellers, including her latest,  Summer Secrets. Previous novels have included The Beach HouseSecond Chance,Jemima J, and Tempting FateTogether with writing books and blogs, she contributes to various publications, both online and print, including anthologies and novellas, and features for The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times, Cosmopolitan and Self. She lives in Westport, Connecticut with her husband and their blended family
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