Mini Review: Bear Witness by Melissa Clark

Bear Witness by Melissa Clark
Published: April 7, 2015
Format: copy via BookSparks
Publisher: SparkPress
Rating: 4/5

Three years after witnessing the kidnapping of her best friend, Robin, Paige Bellen is expected to continue on with life as usual. Now, with her closest friend out of the country, a messy relationship with Robin’s boyfriend, and a family that handles her with kid gloves, Paige isn’t sure if she’ll ever be able to move forward in life. Bear Witness explores the aftermath of a crime in a small town, and what it means when tragedy colors the experience of being a young adult.

My Thoughts
This is a good quick read that shows us the aftermath of a kidnapping. Paige witness her best friend get kidnapped before her eyes and she never got over it. We see the guilt that Paige feels being there and feeling that she should’ve done more to help her friend. She also is dealing with her family situation and how she feels that no one understands her and how she truly feels. This is a very serious subject matter but it doesn’t feel too heavy though. I like how we see the subject through someone who was really there and seeing how she is trying to cope with the aftermath. We tend to always focus on the ones who were victims but they aren’t the only ones. Sometimes the ones left behind suffer just as much or even more because they will never have closure and will never know why. This is one read that gives a voice to those who were left behind and hopefully gives them a little bit of healing.

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