Review: The Disappearance of Lizzy Ross by Jessica Schein

The Disappearance of Lizzy Ross by Jessica Schein
Published: October 29, 2013
Format: via NetGalley
Rating: 1/5

A new four-book e-novella series featuring four different characters trying to find out the answer to one big question: where is Lizzy Ross?
Book 1: Mimi Lerner and Lizzy Ross have been best friends since high school began and now, as seniors, they've made big plans together—from a trip to the Bahamas only months away to going to college the following year and ruling it like they do high school. But when Lizzy goes MIA after a party Mimi throws at a posh Manhattan hotel, everything is suddenly up in the air and Mimi must face facts: Lizzy Ross may not be the girl she knew, and the life she thought she'd have is going in a very different direction.

Please note that this book ends in a cliffhanger and book 2 will be told by another character.

Keep an eye out for the next installment, as told by a different character, of the Lizzy Ross series in early 2014.

My Thoughts
I picked up this short novella since I needed the break from the long books ive been reading lately. Well, I should’ve just let this one go. I didn’t like this read at all, in my opinion, not an appealing storyline and unlikeable characters. Very mean girls, typical rich spoiled girls who think they are the “it.” Needless to say I won’t be reading the other three stories in this series.

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